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Bio Info

23yr old gamer. love exalted and ST-ing.

  • Favorite Exalt Types:
    • Solar Craftsmen-Sorcerers,
    • Sidereal Smartasses, and
    • Lunar Soak Demons.
  • AIM: clogginkyttyn

Musicfox' Game (Ended)

the Calling Favor


House Rules





Rebecca Borgstrom - Quintessence
Nephilpal - AEC's

Offsite Links

Ivory Horde Style
Fair Folk Charm Trees


Hey, Grypph. Are you the same Grypph that came up with the multi-part Crafting Artifact? The Brobgdinian Headdress of Crafter's Excellence? - Seiraryu

I am. Did you like? - Grypph
Indeed. I said so in the Compendium, remember? :P - Seiraryu

Welcome to the wiki. I really should paste this somewhere so I don't have to retype..but alas! Remember to check around to get used to our formatting standards. And when making edits that dont put up new material or respond to comments or otherwise need attention, please check the "minor edit" box. Hi again :) - Telgar

Sorry 'bout that. i keep forgetting to either check it for little stuff, or not to check it for major revisions. thanks for the welcome! - Grypph