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Exalted Quidditch aka BoomBoom

How to Play

Instead of thinking Exalted: Quidditch here, you might want to start with an idea that this is just like a motorcycle racing video game set with gravity defying action and stunts held at mach 4. Non "racing" time is spent as in Exalted, running around and making friends/ enemies/ constructs if you've got the money, etc. That's the kind of feel I'm trying to go for here.

Step Zero: Golden Rule applies. these are my rules. change as necessary.

Step One: Forget about charms. This game is mostly a roleplay environment designed to further my player's thoughts about their characters and to really get the players into their character's heads. If you need charms, try using ONLY permanent charms that enhance capabilities instead of use-oriented charms.

  • as an alternate, you could possibly allow charms that only worked if the character were on the ground, but some rules changes would be needed.

Step Two: This can be and was designed to be a self-contained game. end all and be all. that's why it doesn't matter the exalt type, and why the character creation is wonky. it's meant to be wonky, i'm trying to balance all types at once.

Step Three: Artifacts. I'm only allowing ONE major artifact: the stick. I'm making a modular system later, to add to the bonus section that includes various extras to be put on it, all for a price of course. I've also thought about including light armor (0 or 1 mobility pen.) as "Racing Gear" in the game to represent that it's a bit rougher than the original game. By bit rougher I mean standard Exalted: get gritty, rescue the princess, and find out she's an Abyssal Half-Caste assassin out to get YOU personally.

Step Four: This is a Tournament based game with various playing fields and levels. Each one has it's own rules (similar, except Wyld) and it's own repercussions for winning/ losing/ dying, etc.

    • Amateur
    • Challenge
    • Pro
    • Wyld
      • Bordermarch
      • Deep

Step Five: Please if you use this in any version, tell me about it. I need to know what's worked and what hasn't. Thank you.

Character Creation:

  • Using Xeriar's Attribute Lite system. with a few mods.
  • Begin with 6/4/3.
    • Choose ONE favored Attribute.
Caste (Ability):
  • Beater (Brawl)
  • Seeker (Awareness)
  • Keeper (Thrown)
  • Chaser (Endurance)
Abilities: (pick 3 favored, min one dot in each. 15 dots to distribute)
  • Athletics (all maneuvers),
  • Awareness,
  • Brawl ("bludger tag"),
  • Craft (Fate, Pandaemonium),
  • Dodge,
  • Endurance (for those looong games),
  • Larceny (stealing the ball),
  • Lore (used in buying sticks/ upgrading),
  • Occult (discovering any foul play magically),
  • Performance (crowd bonuses),
  • Ride/ Sail (controlling the stick),
  • Stealth,
  • Thrown.
Backgrounds: (4 points)
  • Artifact:
    • Basic Stick is 1. nothing higher or more at character creation, without damngood reasoning, ST Approval.
    • Basic Stick (unmodified or attuned):
      • CR: 1
      • Man.: 1
      • Speed: 1
      • Adapt.: 1
  • Salary: money from endorsements, is affected by Resources (Money from wins).
  • Resources: money from wins, attainable cash - never credit or IOUs.
  • Renown: (acts like a cheering section)
    • X no Loyal Fans yet.
    • 1 Loyal Fan, 2-3 indifferents.
    • •• 5 Loyal Fans, 6-9 indifferents, 1 minor Enemy.
    • ••• 10 Loyal Fans, 11-20 indifferents, 2 minor or 1 Major Enemy.
    • •••• 50 Loyal Fans, 51-100 indifferents, 2 Major Enemies.
    • ••••• 200 Loyal Fans, 201-500 indifferent, 5 Major Enemies (what'd you do, piss off Dumbledore?).
  • Backing: (counts as mentors and basic gear)
    • X no one is interested in you yet.
    • a non-pro Sponsor is supporting your endeavors (least investment)
    • •• a Pro Sponsor or two non-pro Sponsors (minor investment)
    • ••• two Pro Sponsors (good investment)
    • •••• three Pro Sponsors (wealthy investment)
    • ••••• all Four Pro Sponsors (extravagant investment)
    • Note: Sponsors will only supply the character with basic equipment(stick, goggles, gloves, boots, etc.), unless overly pleased. Even then, it's a combination of keeping them happy, and supporting their interests.
"BroomSticks" or BoomSticks

Major Stats:

    • ( Overall Level: [CR + Man. + Speed + Adapt] / 4 )
    • Bonuses are added on a per individual basis.
  • Control Rating: difficulty mods for all maneuvers
    • -0 diff. look away and you're dead.
    • •• -1 diff. death grip, falling off is a viable option.
    • ••• -2 diff. hold on tight, fairly concentration intensive.
    • •••• -3 diff. takes some control, nothing major.
    • ••••• -4 diff. as easy as falling off.
  • Maneuverability: difficulty modifier for risky / unusual maneuvers (diff. adjust/ bonus dice)
    • -0/+0 : standard. - no tricks.
    • •• -2/+0 : + speedometer. - upgrade.
    • ••• -2/+1 : + built in radar - performance grade.
    • •••• -3/+2 : + air shield - precision grade.
    • ••••• -3/+3 : + fractal air groove pattern - maximum maneuverability.
  • Speed: distance covered in a turn (Favorable / Unfavorable conditions)
    • 5 yards / 2 yards
    • •• 10 yards / 3 yards
    • ••• 20 yards / 5 yards
    • •••• 40 yards / 10 yards
    • ••••• 60 yards / 15 yards
  • Adaptability: bonus dice added for difficult/ unusual/ stunted maneuvers (universal, stacks with specialties)
    • +0 die. No adaptability whatsoever.
    • •• +1 die. only in SPECIFIC circumstances (standard specialty chosen when received).
    • ••• +1 die. this thing's pretty cool. it seems to actually help when i move. (universal)
    • •••• +2 die. this rocks! it guides where i'm supposed to be. (universal)
    • ••••• +3 die. holy cow!! it moves with me, like another limb! (universal)
  • Bonuses:
    • Attunement 5 for Solar/ Abyssal, 3 for Lunar/ Sidereal/ Terrestrial. Double for non-Type metal.
      • Orichalcum: +1 CR, -1 Adapt.
      • Soulsteel: +1 CR, -1 Speed.
      • Moonsilver: +1 Man., -1 CR.
      • Starmetal: +1 Man., -1 Speed.
      • Jade(any): +1 Adapt., -1 CR.

All comments/suggestions welcome. -grypph

Once you get over level 2 fans .. .. people seem to suddenly be on average, neutral to you... surely the supporters should at least outweight the opposed? FluffySquirrel

I wanted to represent enemies without investing in the Flaw. any suggestions? I think i was going for the fact that if you're that low on the totem pole, you don't have many people trying to vie for counter-interest yet. -grypph

I think I'll adjust the rules to only allow Half-Caste of all types instead of Exalts... just seems a little more reasonable to me, any ideas? -grypph