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This page is intended to allow for a convenient place to design various awful things that Abyssal necromancers can create and bring to unholy life for participation in your game!


Since there aren't a lot of guidelines here, I'll outline the format that I intend to follow for specific war machines (which should each be on their own subpage off this page). Variant necro-stuff based off Labryinth or Void Circle versions of Walking War Machine should also be placed on this page (though such is, of course, non-canon). In fact, basically any Abyssal-created monstrosity should be listed here.

I recommend that any exotic components that might be required be detailed in the description, including "interesting" corpses and underworld/labryinth type things. List the number of successes needed on the Intelligence + Craft (Necrosurgery) roll, and possibly the difficulty as well. For ease of reference, include a note on the mote cost of the Walking War Machine (WWM) (number of successes x 5 motes, according to the text), if your thing is a Walking War Machine at all.

Finally, write up the statistics for the thing itself and possibly any special abilities or simple powers it has.

Specific User-Created Abyssal Monstrosities


It freaking rocks that so many people took to the WWM's!  :D I particularly like the Bonespike, and the Shambling Horror, but they're all very cool. I need to post my Tower of Flesh and Pincushion at some point, so other people can use 'em.

Reorg: I'm blatantly putting all necromancy-created horrors on this page, even if not specifically war machines, etc.
~ Shataina