Thus Spake Zaranephilpal

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Thus Spake Zaranephilpal

Musings from the Dark One ...

Please put each musing in a seperate sub-page to make this section readable. ^_^

Second Edition Rules

Nepth wrote the E2 Rules
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/SimultaniousFlurries - When people flurry each other, what happens.
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/SSEandSoulbreaker - Seven Shadow Evasion CAN dodge the soulbreaker-shockweave.
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/SolarBond - It's really a beautiful thing.
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/IrrationalVirtues - Why virtues in Exalted work the way they do.

Infernals 2e

Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/InfernalsStillNotEvil from Do Infernals HAVE to be evil?
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/InfernalEvolution They're turning into Something Else
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/OnTheEbonDragonAndVirtue He really doesn't have any.
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/OnTheEbonDragonAndSalesPitches He's really, really convincing.
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/OnWritingTheEbonDragon "I don't use music to write the Ebon Dragon. I use evil."
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/WhatInfernalsCantDo Now, as to what Infernals can't do...

Abyssals 2e

Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/AbyssalsAndChoice On what it means to choose to become an Abyssal, and why it works that way.


Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/ArtfulMaimingOnslaught as if this charm weren't nasty enough
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/BreathDrainingPrana for what can be soaked and the effect of mote stealing
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/CryptBolt is blockable
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/GloriousCarnageTyphoon provides movement
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/HauntingInflectionTrick for how blatant its use is
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/IrresistableSuccubusStyle may need errata
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/MotiveDiscerningTechnique and how it stacks up against a Yozi
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/RapaciousLampreyTechnique for errata (this should be 1xEssence not 3xEssence)
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/StLS_vs_VST for a comparison between Solar "Summoning The Loyal Steel" and Abyssal "Void Sheath Technique"
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/WrithingBloodChainTechnique for what you can do with this
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/BlackMirrorShintai IPP protecting against it, multiple people can't coppy the same guy, etc.

Blood and Salt

Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/OctavianInformation for black iron, infernal numbers etc

Player's Guide

Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/Akuma are they real infernals, the name, how much they're changed
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/HalfCaste suggestions regarding Exalting as a different type than one's ancestor
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/HighInheritance the sky's the limit!
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/MeritsAndFlaws Neph's thoughts, along with associated WW forum-related comments
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/PlayersGuide for his thoughts on specific issues.
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/WyldMutationMerit mutations taken as Merits don't cap Essence


Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/AbyssalAppearance for how easily they can hide
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/AbyssalsBecomingSolars for clarification on what happens when an Abyssal is redeemed
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/AbyssalBiology for a paragraph on the need to eat etc
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/AbyssalsOutsideFate for Neph's opinion that they are
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/AutonomyOption for one way to run an Abyssal game without some of the strings
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/ConvertingSolarAndAbyssalCharms for some charms that might or might not convert easily
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/CraftList for a comprehensive treatment of one of the less-appreciated abilities
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/DarkReflecions for why only fallen Solars become Abyssals
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/DeathKnight for amusing dialogue between a Solar and Abyssal
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/DestroyingMonstrances for what really happens when a Deathlord pitches one to the Void
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/EclipseLegitBusiness for what constitutes legitimate business for an Eclipse
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/GhostCharmUse for Arcanoi vs Charms and who uses what
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/HearthstonesInUnderworld explaining which stones work where
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/HeroicMortals for what must be done for them to fight on an Exalted level
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/HighEssenceAbyssalCharms for how scary they would be
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/HowMalfeansLook for a description of one
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/IncredibleAbyssalDodge for the additional options available to Abyssals
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/LunarCharms Neph's thoughts on Lunar charms
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/LunarEatsTerrestrial for what is likely to happen when a Lunar drinks her heart's blood
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/MalfeanDeath for a look at their death and their attitude, and whether they can be killed
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/MalfeansInTheirOwnWords for their descriptions of themselves
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/NatureOfCreation Neph's take on the distinction between Gaia and Creation
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/NecromancyOrigins for the Solar discovery of something that existed Before ...
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/NonAbyssalNecromancy for info on Solar etc use of Necromancy in the second age
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/OriginsOfSorcery for just who the hell taught Brigid this insanity.
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/OutsideFate for what is and what isn't
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/SecretMartialArts for Neph's humorous thoughts on Sidereal Kung Fu
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/SiderealCasteMarks for just what the heck these are supposed to be
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/SocialCombat for his thoughts on "Social Combat"
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/SolarsBecomingAbyssals for clarification on what happens when a Solar is corrupted
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/SolarPermanentCharms for thoughts on possible permanent charms
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/SpiritsVsGhosts on the difference
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/SubjectiveMorality and who should win: Greeks or Norse?
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/TerrestrialMartialArtsAndPerfection for elemental alignment of TMA and perfection terminology
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/YoziAttitudes for how the Yozis see Creation and its inhabitants.
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/MortalsMatter on how mortals matter and why

Neph's Charms

Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/LoreVader for a Lore charm that crushes throats
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/KeyOfHeaven for a spirit charm that summons the Calibration gate
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/AlternateBreathDraining for Ikselam
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/AnimaEnhancementCharms charms that boost Solar anima abilities

Neph's Necromancy

Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/NewNecromancySpellProgressions for some nifty Necromancy ideas

Neph's Deathlords

Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/NewDeathlord detailing The Pharaoh of Scouring Sands in the Oasis of His Regret
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/SilverPrince for a non-canon but ultimately cool hint for running the Bodhisattva Anointed by Dark Waters

Neph's Item

Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/ArrowMonsoonQuiver for a quiver that produces (lovely) arrows

Fair Folk

Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/KungFuDwarves for what the mountain folk will look like.
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/MountainFolkBadAsses for more on the mountian folk.
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/PlayingFaeBlooded for a note on playing Fae-Blooded from the PG
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/MaddeningHintMethod for Neph almost but not quite telling us something.
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/ReturnToGlory for what might happen if you return the Mountain Folk to glory.
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/MountainFolkMerits&Flaws for Neph's take on appropriate usage and modified Merits & Flaws for the Jadeborn

Infernals 1e



Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/AlchemicalRelativePower How Alchemicals stack up next to other Exalts
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/AlchemicalSizes on the correct size / Essence relations in E:Au
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/AlchemicalSorcery for why they don't get Sorcery AND Weaving
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/BeamKlaves for their proper Artifact rating and what they can cut through.
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/CharmSlots on why you can't buy Slots without Charms at reduced XP cost.

Off Topic

Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/ExaltedCompendium The compendium is a diseased place
Thus_Spake_Zaranephilpal/NotCanon Neph's explanation about his stuff