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New Idea Pile
  • All Exalts
    • Astrological (birth sign oriented) system to add flavor when fighting another being of a different birth sign.
    • Use [insert name later]'s previously mentioned use of unlocking system for artifacts.
      • Quest oriented.
        • Maybe use different faux hearthstones to unlock different powers.
          1. Permanent, no removal, high power.
          2. Semi-permanent, hard removal, less power.
          3. Non-permanent, easy removal, least power.
      • Nature determines how the artifact responds.
      • Affects ALL artifacts.
        • All artifacts can hold up to 6 total levels (Artifact Rating + Seals). Seals unlock hidden powers, and a sixth level on anything unlocks an earth shattering power with untold costs (probably self-sacrifice, massive health levels, or dots.)
          1. Level 1 : "Foretold" : up to 5 seals,
          2. Level 2 : "Destined" : up to 4 seals,
          3. Level 3 : "Ambitious" : up to 3 seals,
          4. Level 4 : "Powerful" : up to 2 seals,
          5. Level 5 : "Godly" : only 1 seal allowed.
  • Lunar Exalted
    • Alternate Lunar Soak rules.
    • More Gifts.
    • Different styles of DBT.
      • One Social, One Mental, and keep the One Physical.
  • Solar
    • Try writing new Limit Breaks.
    • New game-oriented M/F's.
  • Sidereal
  • Dragon-Blooded
  • Abyssals
    • Tweak thematics to arrange a more "realistic" evil concept to all the charms.
    • DeathLord Level MA's.

All comments/suggestions welcome. if i've stolen your idea, tell me and i'll put up a link, sorry for the inconvenience but i'm horrid with names.