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Idea Page for Lucas' Game


Start with Trireme(130ft)

  • Modify up to Tender(180ft.)
  • Raise middle hull
  • Add Armor Plating(Top)
  • Add Engine (Maneuverability -, Speed ++)
    • replace with 2-dot blue jade artifact: double water speed.
  • OPT: Add Scaled Armor(Bottom)(Sea Dragons:4)
  • OPT: Add Rail Gun (Lode Stone, two rails in center of ship)
  • Remove Sails / Find alternate pattern (Ren's ship from Pirates of Dark Water)

This sounds about right for the Calling Favor

"Now, they are light cruisers being asked to do a battlecruiser, LST, and cargo ship's duties all at the same time - while being held together with bailing wire, bubblegum, a little bit of duct tape, and a whole hell of a lot of prayer. Skywolf, particularly, sees more combat than most of the others, just because she's still got most of her original armament (I think maybe on the original design there was a ventral gun mount with a pair or triplet of heavy essence cannons emplaced for heavy close-range anti-ground fire - but I think that was left off of Skywolf's actual build)."


  • Get her to seduce/persuade enough personnel to increase time
    • Possibly Dragon-Blooded to work on the ship.

Verbal Contract

  • Melody shall be representative of Deep Calling in any endeavor he so chooses, whenever he directs.
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