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Attributes Lite

These rules are presented to simplify and balance the Attribute rules some. In that light, there are now six attributes instead of nine - Strength and Stamina have been combined into Brawn, Manipulation rolled into Charisma and Wits into Intelligence. Appearance has been changed some, with one of four routes to take.

* - The bottom 6th (or so) of a random human population.
** - The vast majority of the population - 2/3rds.
*** - About a 7th of the population.
**** - About 2% of the population has a given attribute in this range.
***** - About 1 in 750.
****** - Less than 1 in 30,000.

- Note that, a 6 is only possible for mortals with Legendary Ability.

Physical Attributes are Brawn and Dexterity. Social Attributes are Charisma and Appearance. Mental Attributes are Intelligence and Perception.


Dexterity: A partially mental skill, covers agility, coordination, reflexes. Often a focus for combat, Dexterity represents the fluidity of your body and mind. Dexterity adds to your initiative along with Perception.
* - Clumsy. Occasionally you trip over your own toes.
** - You can hold a blade without injuring yourself.
*** - You are skilled at acrobatics.
**** - You can impress with tricks at parties.
***** - Your agility is par with few. With training you can walk tightropes.
****** - It is nearly impossible to put you in a position you can't contort out of.

Brawn: Raw strength and stamina. Not only how hard you hit, but how hard of a hit you can take. Adds to the Melee damage you do, and you have Bashing soak equal to your Brawn, and if Exalted, you have half your Brawn in Lethal soak. Also grants health levels past incapacitated. The weights lifted are those you can heft and walk around with. Training (athletics) can let you lift more for short term feats of strength.
* - Weakling. Can dead lift around 100 lbs.
** - Average. Can dead lift around 200 lbs.
*** - Strong. Can dead lift around 300 lbs.
**** - Powerful. Can dead lift around 400 lbs.
***** - Amazing. Can dead lift around 500 lbs.
****** - Legendary. Can dead lift around 600 lbs.


Intelligence: A measure of raw mental process. Memory, sensation, judgement, reasoning, imagination, and mental speed as well as thoroughness and the ability to handle complex ideas and find connections between unrelated things.
* - Dullard, You don't get much.
** - Average, at least you're not the Dullard.
*** - Gifted, your intellect is notable.
**** - Genius, people defer to your wisdom.
***** - Superb, you are renowned for your mind.
****** - Unmatched, your wit is legendary.

Perception: Alertness and comprehension, a partially Physical attribute, as it largely depends on senses. It is about the here and now, and is a part of your instincts to reflect this. Perception adds to your initiative along with Dexterity.
* - You might be described as absent-minded, or perhaps clueless.
** - You can pay attention.
*** - You notice things frequently.
**** - You may be able to read lips, or perform some other feat of the senses.
***** - You are almost never surprised.
****** - You could easily rival Sherlock Holmes with the right skills.


Charisma: Your charm, your choice of words, your ability to project a compotent picture of yourself. Covers force of personality as well as the ability to get what you want by taking an aggressive stance.
* - You're overly agressive, or otherwise posess an odious personality.
** - Average, you can hold your own.
*** - Sly. Not the best, but you have an edge.
**** - Silver-tongued. You choose your words well.
***** - You can talk your way out of taking two wives.
****** - You are so natural you can build nations with the alliances you make.

Appearance: Appearance works a bit differently than normal. While it represents your looks and posture, there are one of four routes you may take.

  1. Regal</i>: No modifiers. You are as good as you look, and you roll everything normally.
  2. <i>Nondescript: </i> You blend in with the crowd. Your Appearance counts for automatic successes when trying to hide in plain sight, trying to bluff that you are just a nobody, or similar. However, it is hard to get yourself noticed, and you can't add your appearance to many other Social, Perform or Persuasion rolls.
  3. <i>Horrific: </i> You are a grotesque sight. You can forget making Social, Perform or Persuasion rolls where good looks come into play at all, but people with a lower Willpower+Essence than your Appearance+Essence have all difficulties raised by your Appearance when facing you.
  4. <i>Sexy</i>: Your looks are enticing. Your appearance counts for automatic successes when socializing, persuading or performing for those that are attracted to your gender (including 'bedsports'). Some members of your own gender may be jealous, however, and some who are attracted to you might not see you for your other talents, preventing you from adding your appearance to some other Social, Persuade or Perform rolls.
When wearing little or no clothing, some Storytellers might give Sexy characters additional Lethal Soak equal to their appearance, and Bashing equal to half appearance.


Any roll previously requiring Wits should require Intelligence, Dexterity, or Perception as appropriate. Instant reactions should be Perception or Dexterity, while simply being 'on your feet' falls under Intelligence.

All functions of Stamina and Strength now fall under Brawn. Simple.

Manipulation rolls are usually Charisma, but attempts at intimidation and seduction will generally involve Appearance instead.

Common mortals start off with 3/2/2 to divide between Attributes, and can raise no score above 3.

Heroic mortals begin with 4/3/2. Half-Caste get 4/4/3, Dragon-Blooded 5/4/2, Dragon-Touched DBs 5/4/3. Raising a score to 5 requires 2 points invested into it for these types. Only 1 dot is require to raise a score to 6 - it was already paid for by Legendary and the 3 Essence.

Celestials begin with 6/4/3.

Attributes cost 6 bonus points per point (thus, 12 BP for most to raise a score to 5).
Or, an amount of xp to raise equal to the level you wish to raise them to times five (5).