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Information About Fifth Child That No One Really Wants to Know

Email address:

A 20 year old male named Dan Riley who joined the Air Force to learn Japanese, ended up learning Korean instead, and is currently stationed in Korea. Not bitter, just slightly chagrined. And he did end up teaching himself a fair amount of Japanese, so it all worked out okay in the end.

He enjoys roleplaying, video games, reading, writing, drawing, anime, manga, swimming, ice-skating, martial arts, and lots of other random stuff, such as talking about himself in the third person.

His current favorite roleplaying games: \\ Mage: the Ascension \\ Exalted \\ Kindred of the East \\ Armaggedon \\ \\ His current favorite video games: \\ Soul Caliber II \\ Final Fantasy Tactics: Advance \\ Silent Hill 3\\ \\ His current favorite anime:\\ Arjuna (Chikyuu Shoujo Arjuna)\\ Witch Hunter Robin\\ Rah Xephon\\ \\ His current favorite manga:\\ Blade of the Immortal\\ Real Bout High School\\

Stuff Made by Fifth Child

So far, I haven't done a whole hell of a lot here. There are a lot more Charms and such on the forum for my campaign, at OrSomething.Org Forum. I'll probably put the stuff there up here eventually, but until then you'll have to visit to check them out.

10/24/03: Well, the forum's been up-and-running for two or three days now, I'm just horrifically lazy. Go ahead and check it out if you feel inclined.

10/17/03: Oops, little problem with the forums. Well, a big problem really. Our resident H4xx0r is busy fixing it though, so by tomorrow it should be up and running again. Hopefully all/most of the previous threads will be restored. So, like, don't be all disappointed if you visit for now and there's no Charms to be found -- trust me, they were there, and hopefully will be again soon.

Current Games =

Well, I'm running a truly wacky Exalted game: Many Threads Are One. It's so much work, it's insane. But, very fun as well.

I wish I got to be a player more often. *sigh*


(10/24/03) Grr. That Armaggedon book that I ordered? Well, instead of that, I got some stupid d20 adventure supplement. That's a pretty severe mistake. *sigh*

At least the guy I emailed about it was very nice, and they've already sent the correct order. And I even get to keep the d20 adventure. No, really... yay. :|

(10/16/03) Well, I ordered Orpheus at the same time that I pre-ordered Sidereals, so they both arrived together. I must say, I'm impressed with Orpheus. I always thought Wraith was a terribly cool (albeit eggregiously unplayable) game, so I'm happy to see something that's sort of like its ghost, to make a stupid joke. Some things are the same; a lot has changed; all in all, it seems like it has a hell of a lot of potential. Sidereals also seems very cool. When I first got it, I checked out the Martial Arts (how could I not, with them being the source of so much contention?). After a little of that, I decided to read it the right way -- cover to cover. I'm mostly done with the Yu Shan chapter now. As I said, the book itself seems very cool. I am slightly worried about the Sidereal Martial Arts... but I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for now, seeing as I was equally worried about the Abyssals, and they turned out just fine.

On another topic, I just recently came across the fact of a company called Eden Studios' existence. I'm really quite fond of learning new systems, especially ones that are well-represented. So, I checked 'em out. Turns out they've got this game, Witchcraft, which was available for free download. Cool. Being a huge fan of Mage, and the concept of modern magic in general, I downloaded it and read it. It was... fairly neat. But basically, my thoughts were "Well, while it's certainly okay, I'd rather just play Mage." Then, yesterday, it kind of hit me. I was checking out the Witch Hunter Robin website, trying to get those damn mp3s to load correctly, when it hit me. A game of Witchcraft based on a concept similar to Witch Hunter Robin would be very cool. After all, I've always been a strong proponent of being able to enjoy things on many different levels -- if you limit yourself entirely to the more 'cerebral' side of things, you're missing out on a lot of stuff you might otherwise find quite interesting. So, I came to the conclusion that I had indeed become too attached to the philosophical depth of Mage. After all, sometimes, too much philosophy only gets in the way. I definitely still love Mage, but this little chibi-epiphany of mine has thrown a light on a few things. First and foremost, I've become determined to run this Witchcraft game I've thought of -- even if it's only a one-shot.

Eden's other modern (well, post-modern, really) magic game, Armageddon, looks really cool. Unfortunately, my order of it is now like 10 days late. I'm going to call tomorrow and ask what's up.


By the way, if anyone is actually reading this, feel free to add your own comments or whatever.


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