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My Entries in the Lexicon of Elder Days

The Lexicon is my absolute favourite thing on ExaltedWiki. It's kind of dead now, but it had a good run. It's a CommunalProject intended to create new setting information, specifically about the First Age. I've had a lot of fun with it, I think a lot of the content is really amazing, and I fully intend to finish the whole alphabet one of these days (one to go!).

I think I like the middle / later stuff better. And while I like almost all my entries with few reservations, my favourite is probably either Dreaming Steel or Old Jin.

The Lady Speaks

Shataina, Lady of Legends, has lent her prodigious knowledge to the compilers of the Lexicon of Elder Days.

Of this, the goddess says: "It is not my business to pass judgment, although sometimes I am known to. What I do here, I do under the aegis of my domain; and I shall not lie, but nor shall I attempt to correct any assumptions my readers and listeners may make, based upon my telling of the tale. This is the nature of stories."

Entries in Alphabetical Order

Arian, God of Cats: The Ethereal Crimson Lily tells of a mischievous but somehow heroic god.

  • original citation: not applicable

Bread-Basket Uprising, the: The Servant of the Sun mentions an exiled conspirator who tried to seize control of the Deliberative.

Cascade Years: The Celestial Queen of Compassion recalls a time of peace and harmony.

Dreaming Steel: She Who Knows the Fair relates what she knows of the Fair general who led the last charge against the Primordials.

Empty Mouth Brotherhood, the: The Maiden of Mercy winces as she discusses the mute, all-hearing tools of the leader of the Deliberative.

Flying Dismissal: A demon-imbued thread with an obsession with sorcery is recounted as a cautionary tale by the Flawless Scarlet Orchid.

Green and Gold Eastern Mercantile Fund, The: The most Exquisite Desert Rose smiles over a charlatan's scam and a sorceress's ire.

Horizon: The Protectress of the South sternly recollects a revelation of the folly of banishing the spirits of the land.

Iridescent Decade, The: A "time" when Time itself was out of joint is noted by the Speaker for the Fair.

Jade Fire Ribbon: The Flame-Red Flower mentions a mysterious artifact whose potential apparently lies untapped.

Kuzari Nefhindi: An architect? A tragic lover? A crazed politician? All three are posited by the Mistress of Myth.

Len-Bo: The story of the spirit who acted against his own domain is retold by the Once-Orichalcum Tigress.

Miasma Poetica: The furious, poisonous last breath of a poet-sorceress -- the origins of a terrible gas are explained by the Guardian of the Southern Lands.

Night Quill: Sort of like a hedgehog, so why is it so interesting to the Fair and Forgiving Maiden?

Old Jin: The Blood-Red Blossom gives us a public retelling of the still-living, carven remains of a behemoth who was tamed and betrayed.

Purification, Mark of: A simple mark centres a web of intrigue, only touched on by the Singer of Sagas.

Quest for the Final Shadow: The Mistress of Mysteries writes of an alliance that failed before it began.

Seven Hymns Princess: A beautiful, embittered Solar meets her duplicate -- a Fair One. (Singer of Sagas again)

Turginosto: Love Testament and Power: The Regent in Rumour notes some about a venerable Dragon King and the possibility that he was lost within the forces of the earth.

Udon of Andalusite: The Princess of Parables gives us a hint of how a mortal may stand against the Exalted.

Veil of Verrinuth: Who could love one of the Primordials? Perhaps the Dreamer of Drama can explain.

Wandering Willow: Will she truly return or is she entirely lost to her ideals? Does the Speaker of Lost Secrets even know?

Xiao Lin Scrolls: The Maiden of Mirthful Remembrance gives us a tale of a harmless-seeming demon's daughter who tricked her way into Yu-Shan.

Youthful Mourning: The Chronicler of Contradictions explains a particularly thorny one involving one or two demonic daiklaves.

Zealot of Amethyst: She Who Sings in Symbols discusses a strange one -- a maiden (or a man) transmuted to crystal.

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