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Flawless Mirror

From the writings of Foundation Apex, archivist to Ledaal Visaren of Tuchara:

As with all of the Anathema, the Unclean sorcerer Flawless Mirror grew steadily more corrupt with the passage of time. In his early years, his innate charisma deluded those around him into deeming him a noble personage, though even then he had a reputation for self-absorption and vanity. His countryman, Highwind of Namarath, describes him as a trendsetter and fashion plate, while Decia Dakar’s Journal of the Cascade Years places the blame for the sartorial atrocities of the Iridescent Decade entirely upon his shoulders.

As a talented oracle and numismancer for the Solar Deliberative, Flawless Mirror immersed himself in the First Age fiscal Essence projects, most notably the Green and Gold Eastern Mercantile Fund. He also made inroads into the network of secret societies that underlay the First Age government, most notably the Seven Rays Society and the Brotherhood of Certain Fates. Lao Lao’s Record of Fallibility describes Flawless Mirror as “willfully blind; myopic in that manner peculiar to the omniscient.” Only an Anathema could have doomed six hundred thousand Easterners to liquefaction in order to increase the Quartile Solar Sum by a fraction of a percentage point, and only Flawless Mirror could have written of it, as he did in his Silk Phase Letters, as “a distraction from the monumental task of editing my autobiography - my obligation to posterity.”

When the noble Dragon-Blooded Host threw down the Solar Deliberative, Flawless Mirror escaped the purge, as those sent to deal with him were disoriented and deceived by the labyrinthine mirrors and stands of sculpted self-portraiture that filled the Anathema’s villa. Several texts have come to light that purport to have been written by Flawless Mirror after his escape. These are certainly the work of poseurs, as Ledaal Daikani’s Immaculate Evidentiary reports that Mela herself slew Flawless Mirror in the decade of the Contagion.

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