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Night of Wandering Stars, The

From the writings of Foundation Apex, archivist to Ledaal Visaren of Tuchara:

As certain of my fellow scholars have observed, the Night of Wandering Stars marked the beginning of the Maiden and Shadow War. What they fail to observe is that the Night was not merely a marker of celestial events, but a matter of great import within Creation itself.

When the attention of the Maidens turned to battle, they summoned the heavenly deities of the stars and constellations to their side. Freed by this edict from their eternal vigil, certain more criminal, rebellious or carefree star-gods fled in the confusion and traveled to Creation. The absence of these gods from their posts caused great confusion in the Celestial Bureaucracy in the war’s aftermath, and it took some time and effort to track them down. Most notably, the god Rilacriaré, Star of Tempered Ambition, took refuge with Seven Hymns Princess, the Solar duumvir of the Bitter Flower Empire.

By the time the forces of Yu-Shan tracked him down, Rilacriaré had wed Seven Hymns Princess and taken a place at her side as consort. Seven Hymns Princess refused to surrender him into the custody of Heaven, and might have died in battle had not her co-monarch Sep convinced her otherwise. The gods imprisoned Rilacriaré for a century before restoring him to his former post, and forbade him from ever making contact with his wife again.

Some sources suggest that the corruption and downfall of Seven Hymns Princess and the Bitter Flower Empire stem from this event. For my part, I state only that Seven Hymns Princess was Anathema. As such, her inevitable corruption was assured by dint of her infernal nature.

More notably, certain prisoned beings used this opportunity to escape the custody of the constellation of the Guardians. The worst of these is unquestionably the Xenovore, which was known to be loose at the time of the Overthrow of the Anathema, and may yet move freely at the edges of the world.

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