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Eshertzets Chronicles

Excerpt from a the fragmentary personal letters of the Anathema, Viperous Orchid, the self-styled Harbinger of Malfeas, quoted by Paradise Cloud, scribe of the Immaculate Order:

[Ed. In this excerpt we see that the Anathema cared not for anything but their thirst for power and that such was their vile wickedness that even Demons were seduced by their unholy presence.]

"And there he stood before me: The End Of All Wisdom - The Demon Soul, Orabilis.

"Fivefold were the gifts I bore. A lantern of black ivory, lit by the last rays of hope from a thousand fouled dreams; a rose of tears from the deepest Wyld, forever washed by a rain of blood-red petals; a suit of bells from Uchriast, each bell a life unlived, each chime a voice unspoken; a mask, woven of moonlight, whose visage displays the faces of all those whose life's breath is departing Creation this moment; and finally, the greatest gift I could conceive - myself, shrouded in the glory of essence, seductive and glorious beyond measure.

"And the demon wept to see me. And he fell down at my touch. And as I kissed his lips, he willingly tore his very soul from his chest and wrung it until the Eshertzets Chronicle formed to tell the tale of his suffering. And from this book did I read the answers to my deepest desires.

"The Chronicle gives me power over the Yozi, Malfeas, and with it I shall bring my own Demon City to bear in Creation. And Chopakta Of Rabishu shall know naught but pain as I crush her between layers of black obsidian until her very bones cry out for release. She will pay for my rejection. I shall take my vengeance now, both on her and on these lands she loves.

"Yes. Now begins the age when the Veil of Verrinuth shall be torn aside."

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