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Fire Chronicle

In a personal letter to Jalan Dai, Remismund writes:

My good friend,

I've really enjoyed reading your Fire Chronicle. Your touch makes even the plainest of events shine with novelty. The passage where the Blade of the Black Chrysanthemum fell from a Primordial's hand in the Dawn War chapter was particularly delicious; had I not been there, I would wholly have been taken in! I look forward to the next revision.

I worry, though, that your mystical efforts are unstable - examine the Essence lattices on the book's lock. Do you see there, that knot? It has a frightening resemblance to the diagrams that Flying Dismissal made of the Rune of Singular Hatred, and I would take caution that it does not unravel, and in so doing produce the Rune. Such a thing would be disastrous, and what's worse, embarrassing.

I remain your faithful and obedient servant,

Remismund, son of Domianus, Shogun of Brushes and Pens.

He later added, in his journals:

Sadly, Jalan Dai did not heed my warning, and one day, as he wrote in his Chronicle, it spoke the Rune to him, and stripped his divinity away.

Ed.: What Remismund fails to mention in his journals is that Jalan Dai's mishap also deafened the entire mortal population of the City of Hirruet, which led to the ex-god's demise. His ghost laments this at length in the Chronicle, though the Rune's effects are clear: his postmortem writing is by no means as elegant and articulate as that of his living self.

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