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Bal Terin, Most Meritorious Archivist of the Society of Obfuscated Antiquity, writes:

The Grassblade is of curious and dubious distinction among the lost legendary treasures of the First Age. Its date of creation has been a source of some debate in the halls of Savants for nearly 1200 years. Some have argued that the Grassblade was not created at all but rather discovered. In either case evidence shows it came into our reckoning during the time known as The Iridescent Decade. Who first found this artifact is also of much debate and too speculatory to devote more time to.

While I do not have the Grassblade here to examine and describe for this work, I will cite a description found in “Turginosto: Love Testament and Power”:

“And she did wield a long fine stiletto, its softly green blade moved gracefully and fluidly in her hands. All that looked upon her while it was in her hands heard the wind blowing through the grass of an endless meadow; they knew peace of mind, body and soul.”

From other collected works it is cited that superb grace is the hallmark of those wielding the Grassblade. Conclusions can also be drawn that an unnatural calm comes over its would-be victims, as this effect is noted in at least two other instances where the blade is mentioned.

Again from “Turginosto: Love Testament and Power”:

“And in this my Master could not be swayed: he demanded the company of Fosi Heri, bonded concubine of his rival Barsoto Khan. He saw her by her Master's side on their last meeting, and was simply captivated -- so much so that he called the meeting short to, as he put it, recover from her beauty and grace. I fetch her even now as the sedan is carried to Barsoto Khan’s compound."

It is now believed that Fosi Heri bore the Grassblade even then, though her true motives can only be guessed at, as can her degree of premeditation.

“Disaster! I have brought ruin on my Kingdom and war to our people. Master is slain, and I feel as though I am to blame for bringing that murderous harlot to my Master. Why could I not stop her? I watched the edge pierce his skull but I did not move to stop her. All that I could muster was a tear as I watched, I could not move as I felt so calm and contented by the sound of the wind. The attack, even in its horror, seemed beautiful at the time, the embodiment of grace, a performance of art so fine as to not be interrupted. I write these last words even now as I prepare my self for Seppuku; my Second awakes my cut to be made."

This last entry, while gruesome, shows the true sly power of the blade. The Turginosto continues on in its description of the Ha-Chon-Ji Wars, it does not however mention the Grassblade again. It has come and gone from the eye of history many times; it is believed to have been used in the Harbor of Stars slayings and possibly in the death of Shogun Raikuru.

Also it is worth noting that during the years ruled by the Solar Deliberative there was also a Lunar Assassin known as Grassblade, who is noted for the sanctioned murder of Crystal Raven. It is unknown if the blade and the Lunar are related in any manner. The Lunar Grassblade held many high profile contracts in her time, many of which were at the request of the Deliberative. She served with distinction for many years before she was also slain by an assassin’s blade. It is commonly believed that she simply knew too many secrets for the comfort of those in the Deliberative. Others claim she was involved in a torrid love triangle with an unnamed Sidereal of some distinction and the Solar Kuzari Nefhindi, and the jealousy was just too great to allow it all to continue.