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Cataphractoi Insensiblis

Song of Seven Willows, the radiant breath of chronicles past, recounts:

The title of Cataphractoi Insensiblis -- literally, "unfeeling armor" -- was a deeply-coveted position granted by the Deliberative to the most trusted and capable of the First Age Solars. He or she would be required to uncover any political plots against the Deliberative (such as the short-lived Bread-basket Uprising), and have carte blanche to interrogate and detain witnesses or suspects, even Exalts. The position was occasionally called to pass judgement on its own members, such as when Flawless Mirror was forced to pass judgement on his rival and occasional lover, Jubilant Willow. (Whether or not the evidence against Willow had been forged is still unknown; many cataphractoi were known for using the position as a way to safely remove political rivals.)

Since the person holding the position was literally considered the armor of the Deliberative, the robes of office were the definition of splendor. As the shadows of the Solar Purge began to fall upon the First Age, the position became less about who could best protect the Deliberative and more about who would make the loveliest armor -- although the cataphractoi still had all of the same powers, including the entire Quiver of Justice -- the most feared spy network in history -- at their disposal.

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-- Dissolvegirl (with advice from Mnemosynis)