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Bitter Flower Empire, The

A protectorate state in the Southeast, centered on the scrubland and savanah refered to some as the Ocean of Grass; home, then and now, to several fierce bands of barbarians more fiercely attached to their horses than their own kind, founded approximately 120 AE. It was ruled by two queens -- the elder of them a Twilight of rare beauty, named Seven Hymns Princess, and an exiled Fae that was her physical duplicate, Sep. They founded the Maidens of the Sun, an army composed entirely of virgin women who successfully repelled the Deliberative's first attempt at subsuming the state in 300 AE; the Bitter Flower Empire was offically recognized as an independent state by the Deliberative in 330 AE, marked by both an eclipse of the sun and the holiday of 'Day of Noon at Night', still celebrated in the Southeast - although its precise name varies from village to village, it is universally a day of both celebration and rule breaking, typically observed during the midpoint of Ascendent and Resplendent Wood.

It was an undercurrent rumor that the two turned to Infernalism during the wane of the Golden Age, worshipping the Yozis and paying a heavy tribute to the Solar Deliberative to turn a blind eye to their activities -- a blind eye that would ultimately lead to the destruction of the Bitter Flower Empire as well as the dissolution of the capital city in the Siege of Four Moons. How the sisters paid the tribute demanded of them is uncertain -- however, it is the certain opinion of all that have studied the matter closely that they designed the All-Color Fever, seeding it throughout the North and Northwest as well as the Blessed Isle, ensuring a constant influx of poets and artists whom they bargained away to the Fey in exchange for Glamour-wrought beauties.

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  • Mm, placing the Empire in the southwest corrects the location of Calan's Loss, but puts the entry at odds with the cited entry. As does the end outcome of the artisans drawn by the afformentioned fever; I'm not sure if that's a factual oversight on your part, or a stretch of "self-important, narrow-minded dunderheads" and "argu[ing] vociferously with the interpretation and introduc[ing] new facts that shade the interpretation" of rule 5 to the point that it cancels the "[n]o matter how strained their interpretations are, their facts are accurate as historical research can make them. So if you cite an entry, you have to treat its factual content as true!" portion. Regardless, it's factually flawed; I don't care so much as the author of the initial entry, but was quick to pick up the errors as a result. Feel free to (and please do) delete this comment once you address it as you see fit, unless it demands a direct reply. ~Jabberwocky
  • Likewise, the identity of the ruling sisters seems to have changed, from a Twilight and a Fair Folk to a Zenith and a Night. - Quendalon

... This is hat happens when I try to read and write coherently while operating on too little sleep for too long. Sorry about that- I'll see what I can do about cleanup. - DS

Seem to have missed the bit where it says the sisters were "both Exalted". A Fair can't be an Exalt ... unless, I guess, you come up with some sort of ingenious explanation :)\\

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