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The Cascade Years

Shataina, the Celestial Queen of Compassion, Lady of Legends, tells the tale:

The Cascade Years were so named because they were the time when Cascading Solar Flare held sway over the Deliberative. Widely regarded to have been the greatest and most just leader of the Deliberative in history, Cascading Solar Flare was especially admired for her vast intelligence, the fairness of her decrees, and her pacifism.

The greatest challenges of Cascading Solar Flare's reign were that of the Enchantress of Nine Ice Swans, whom she ably outwitted after a three-hundred-year conflict, and the final destruction of the Inauspicious Portal, a project which she oversaw brilliantly.

Cascading Solar Flare's leadership came to an end when she married Meridian Blaze, fellow Zenith Caste. Their wedding was in defiance of the Divine Law, which stated that the Solar Exalted should only take consorts from among the Lunar Exalted; and many powerful figures of the time were disgusted and horrified by what was popularly viewed as a "crime against nature". Cascading Solar Flare was thus forced to step down, and the brightest time of the First Age was ended.


~ Shataina with thanks to EJGRgunner for inspiration

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