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Jade Fire Ribbon

As discussed by Shataina, Flame-Red Flower, Lady of Legends

The Jade Fire Ribbon is a simple enough object, appearing only as (shockingly enough) a long, flat ribbon of red jade, about one inch wide and fifty feet long when fully unwound. This jade was alloyed at the ribbon's creation with that bizarre and potent metal, kravelt, to make it possible to beat it thin and flexible as cured leather.

The thing worth noting about the Jade Fire Ribbon is that although its function is relatively simple (it is designed to aid in the ritual to summon fire elementals), it both takes in from its environment and emits more Essence than should possibly be useful. Calculations have shown that, in fact, it easily soaks up about fifty times as much Essence as necessary, and emits about half of what it assimilates. Where all the extra Essence actually goes was a matter of much worry and confusion for the scholars of the Cranefly School, but the answer was not discovered by the time of the School's dissolution; and the scholars of Devon who were supposed to inherit the experimental notes relating to the Jade Fire Ribbon reported that, in fact, when they went over the files they had taken, no such notes were among them.

Only three Jade Fire Ribbons were ever made, and two have not had a confirmed sighting for two thousand years. One was known to have been traded to Lamaiya, the Soft and Restless River, Demon of the Third Circle, by the Lord Flawless Mirror, in exchange for one of her nine hundred ever-flowing skins; one was last in the possession of Lord Jalan Dai, left behind in the city of Hirruet and still there when the city collapsed; and the third was woven into the protections on the Imperial Manse, whose gate-pillars it can still be seen wound about today.


~ Shataina

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