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The Green and Gold Eastern Mercantile Fund

Shataina, the most Exquisite Desert Rose, Lady of Legends, tells the tale:

The Green and Gold Eastern Mercantile Fund was only one of the enterprises of exceeding ingenuity thought up by the brilliant charlatan Verdigris. In this instance, he used his silver tongue to convince various powerful sorcerers of his age that he had come up with an invention which would make the then-popular concept of Substantia Obsessa (Essence investment) a reality, and they gladly offered him raw magic, imagining that the power would be returned hundredfold.

However, in the end, his intentions were uncovered by Quicksilver Scribe, a then-famous poet-sorceress whose name has since, sadly, lapsed into obscurity. The Fund was an attempt to gain enough Essence to actually power the incredibly inefficient Wicker Codex. Verdigris had somehow managed to obtain it while visiting the Court of Silk and Steel, where its original owners, ignorant of its true nature, had been using it as a coffee-table ornament.

Quicksilver Scribe wasted no time in using, for the first time, the Sound-Mesh Style which she had invented that same year; it worked admirably, entangling Verdigris in a web of enchanted bronze runes. But she, overconfident, left him bound alone in order to go visit her fellow investors, intending to consult them on the subject of how best to punish him; and when she returned, both Verdigris and the Wicker Codex had disappeared once again.


~ Shataina

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