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Flying Dismissal

Shataina, the Flawless Scarlet Orchid, Lady of Legends, tells the tale:

The story of Flying Dismissal begins with a young Solar sorceress, who, confident in her powers and careless of her effects, attempted to bind Glamorous Composition, most exquisite of Second Circle Demons, to be her lover. Not only did her binding fail, but she had foolishly left a Thread of Puissance lying with its tail end within the summoning circle. When she attempted to force Glamorous Composition to return to Malfeas, the demon slipped instead into the Thread, then used its powers to escape the weakened girl -- though it was still trapped within the Thread.

The other sorcerers of her time mocked the girl by calling the possessed Thread a name best translated as "the dismissal which escaped"; this was later shortened, in this tongue, to "Flying Dismissal".

Flying Dismissal wandered Creation for a time. Glamorous Composition was, as always, intrigued by the thought of comprehending the magics of the Exalted, and it had the Thread create new diagrams all over the world every time it encountered a new sorcery. These diagrams remained when the demon had departed. Their potency was discovered when it was found that, under conditions few understood, the spell within the diagram would be released suddenly; these "time-released spells" often reacted together with unpredictable effects. One such conflation of spells, known ever afterwards as the Dying Scream of Shattered Adamant, has often been thought to have led directly to the Conflict of the Seventy-Seven Beryls.

Glamorous Composition was at last cast out of the Thread of Puissance when it attempted to shift possession from the Thread of Puissance to the Alabaster Enforcer; this is possibly the factor that led to the Enforcer's unjust slaying.


~ Shataina

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