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Kingswar of Sun and Scale

Remismund, who remembers, writes:

It was on the Night of Metal Harvest, when secrets passed between Enchantress of Nine Ice Swans and the exultant called Meridian Blaze, that the seeds for the Kingswar of Sun and Scale were planted. In their disgust at the emotional excesses of the Golden Chosen, the Dragon Kings assembled a glorious band of warriors, all masters of the 25 Paths of Prehuman Mastery. (Ed.: It is rumoured that the demoness Polythia engineered this rebellion to serve some ulterior motive, though knowing her predilections, she had forgotten her goal by the time the war came about.)

Their motto?

We will kill everything you care about so you can run the world properly.

The resultant conflict wiped out most of the Dragon Kings of the First Age.

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