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Veil of Verrinuth

Conversational reflections of Shataina, Dreamer of Drama, Lady of Legends:

One thing is conspicuously lacking in the stories of Those Who Came Before; that thing is love. The Primordials, it seems, do not have the appetite for romance that their creations and their children do. Thus, when a story such as that of Orian Glax comes to my attention, it is worth following and perhaps even worth telling -- although its too-frequent repetition would, I imagine, be unwise.

... How can you ask me to tell the name of the Veil of Verrinuth? Do you not know what happens to those who speak the names of the Primordials, in this fallen age? No, even though, as you point out, it is a merely theoretical being, still I shall not play with my existence.

To return to the story, which, I assure you, is quite relevant .... Orian Glax was merely a man, no more, no less. And yet, through virtue of his heart's temerity -- the fact that he actually fell in love with the Veil of Verrinuth itself -- he gained certain powers. The transformative power of the heart is remarkable, as we all know, particularly when combined with a lover whose power -- whose very identity -- is truly earth-shattering ....

... The exact identity of the Veil of Verrinuth? What a question. You ought to do your research before coming to me. Well, they call it the one unbanished Primordial that did not betray its fellows. Although those past victors managed to lock away even the principles of space and time, how could they trap banishment and barriers itself? So the Veil of Verrinuth remains in Creation, if indeed it exists; the greatest evidence for this, they say, lies in the Isparian Wall. But the actual physical form of the Veil of Verrinuth is unknown, and Orian Glax's love even more puzzling in that light. Such a peculiar man ....

... What? Ah, you refer to the mention of the Veil of Verrinuth by Lord Viperous Orchid in the Eshertzets Chronicles. Yes, he was a leading theorist before he became so infernally tainted, and sought to find the Veil of Verrinuth that he might free the Demon Princes by destroying it. He would have done well to listen better to Orian Glax, whose epithet -- most frequently translated as "Unraveller" -- might have revealed that they had goals in common. But of course, when they spoke, Viperous Orchid was too rude to listen, too focused on his strategy to use the Keep-Manse Reem for his wicked purposes. He was, in fact, almost as rude as you have been to me, but Orian Glax was less generous than I, and Lord Orchid learned less than you have.

Oh, and now you are interested in Orian Glax. Well, perhaps you should have paid attention when I tried to speak of him before. Has no one informed you that the Lady of Legends has all the caprice of her domain? Now you know, and I hope that you have learned your lesson. Pay heed next time you hear a story, even if you, in your arrogance, think it irrelevant. It is never a waste of time, and it is impossible to tell when a certain tale will never be told again.


~ Shataina

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