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Jacquerie of Five Kingdoms

From the journals of Amelthelas of Meru, Physician and Demon-binder:

...Lord Crystal Raven spent his time before the Deliberative in self-aggrandisement again, asserting his supremacy in matters of strategy by recounting the method by which he suppressed the so-called 'Jacquerie of Five Kingdoms'. Having been occupied coordinating a party with Decia Dakar for the last few months, I endured his oration by attempting to reconstruct the context of his actions by inference, but I will have to look into the matter in more detail, as several of my conclusions seemed incongruous.


Having consulted the Answer Stone to avoid hearing Crystal Raven's boasts and the dissembling of his adherents repeated, I have learned several rather unpleasant truths, which would undoubtedly lead to my political ruin were I were to repeat them aloud. The Empty Mouth Brotherhood's universal clairaudience does not allow them to comprehend the infernal tongue in which I write this, however, and as any efforts to learn it would place them under my jurisdiction, it is comparatively safe for me to commit my knowledge to paper.

The "Five Kingdoms" referred to in the rebellion's grandiloquent title were the kingdoms set up by the peasants in the wake of their revolt against our unlamented brother, Jagged Brilliance. (Apparently his experiments in social engineering proved more onerous than they were willing to bear.) That Jagged Brilliance was slain at their hands was the result of Crystal Raven's machinations, as was the Deliberative's decision to deputize him to put down the Jacquerie 'without unnecessary bloodshed'.

There is no little irony in the exact phrasing of the Deliberative's direction and in the boast that Justicar Crystal Raven's adherents have been propagating: Unnecessary bloodshed was prohibited, and indeed, no blood was shed at all.

Within instants of Crystal Raven completing his sorcerous preparations, every living thing within Jagged Brilliance's former realm was reduced to a desiccated husk, without a drop of blood remaining in its body.