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Charm Relay

Improvisation and Brawling

These are TerrestrialCharms.

Retrieve The Ocean's Bounty (Nikink)

 Cost: 1 mote
 Type: Reflexive
 Duration: Instant
 Minimum Brawl: 2
 Minimum Essence: 1
 Prerequisites: None 

Like the deep and ever-surging ocean, the Dragon-Blooded brawler may extend her reach to aquire any object that can be used as an improvised weapon from up to her Brawl + Essence in yards away.

Irrepressible Nacreous Weapon

Storm Shreds the Rigging Strike (Resplendence)

 Cost: 2+ motes
 Type: Supplemental
 Duration: Instant
 Minimum Brawl: 3
 Minimum Essence: 1
 Prerequisites: Retrieve The Ocean's Bounty, Irrepressible Nacreous Weapon

Howling storms and crashing waves can turn loose equipment on a ship into deadly projectiles. The Dragon-Blooded hits or kicks an object with such force, sending it hurling towards a target outside her reach. The Charm allows the Dragon-Blooded to execute a ranged Brawl attack, which is basically a fist or kick attack, but with a range increment equal to her Strength + Brawl rating. If the object is hard and dangerous enough, the storyteller can rule that it inflicts lethal damage. The Charm allows almost any loose object to be used, but it can weigh no more than what the Dragon-Blooded can lift according to the feats of strength table. The Dragon-Blooded can spend additional motes to add to his Strength rating for heavier objects and more damage. Every extra mote increases Strength and damage by one, by a maximum equal to her Essence rating.

The Dragons' Mighty Claws - (Moxiane)

 Cost: 6 motes
 Type: Reflexive
 Duration: Essence in turns
 Minimum Brawl: 4
 Minimum Essence: 3
 Prerequisite Charms: Retrieve the Ocean's Bounty, Irrepressible Nacreous Weapon

The Terrestrial Exalted are never truly out of touch with their spiritual antecedents, the Elemental Dragons, for fragments of their power can be found everywhere. By touching an element and focussing his Essence on the nature of the Dragon in question, he can sheathe his hands and feet in the element, increasing the combat potential of the Exalted.

The character swirls his hands in the air before him, and his fists become sheathed in localised whirlwinds, which blast into the targets struck by the character. The raw damage of the Exalted Brawling attacks is doubled for the purposes of calculating knockback only. The character also gains a +2 bonus to the Speed and Accuracy ratings of his Brawling attacks.
Gathering some dust from the floor the character focusses Earth Essence into his hands, which become as hard as stone and as inflexible. Extra successes on the character's Brawling attacks are doubled for the purposes of calculating damage, but Exalted cannot use his hands for anything requiring fine manipulation. The character also gains a +2 bonus to the Damage and Defence ratings of his Brawling attacks.
Plunging his fists into a nearby flame, the character's fists begin to burn without fuel, wreathed in the breath of the Fire Dragon. The character's blows leave scorched wounds which are particularly painful, inflicting an extra -1 wound penalty to anyone damaged by the character's blows. These penalties are cumulative up to the character's permanent Essence and continue for the duration of the scene. The Dragon-blooded's Brawling attacks also gain a +2 bonus to their Accuracy and Damage ratings.
Dunking his hands into water, the character gathers the power of Water to flow around and through into his blows. The character's fists continually drip water for the duration of the Charm, and his Brawling attacks inflict Piercing damage as well as gaining a +2 bonus to Speed and Defence.
The character gathers a few scraps of wood, be they splinters or twigs, and concentrates, the material merging into his hands giving them the resiliency of the greatest forests and the delicacy of the finest flowers. Whenever the character succesfully parries an armed attack he can reflexively attempt to disarm his attacker with a dice-pool equal to his Brawl plus any extra successes from the parry. The Dragon-blooded's Brawling attacks gains a +2 bonus to Accuracy and Defence.

This Charm is an exception to the normal rules for elemental surcharges; if the character invokes the element of his Aspect then he does not have to pay the surcharge - a Water-Aspected Dragon-blood never has to pay this extra cost. A character may only benefit from one application of this Charm at any given time. If it is reinvoked before its duration ends then the new effect comes into play and the previous invocation is aborted.

Course-Correcting Artillery Style


Cool Charm! I think that these will be a neat start for a Relay. - w

I gave that last Charm a name, but feel free to change it if you think of something better. ~ G

I just got inspired for a more Water-thematic name and description. Grandmasta's Charm name was originally Teacher Guides the Student Method. - willows