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(the Path of) the Unconquered Sun

These are Sidereal Charms. They are an alternate Awareness cascade, as Moxiane describes in this Random Thought.

Once, there was a maiden...
And when she quietly looked about,
she saw a little of herself in everything around her.
When she saw her own face in the sky,
she broke that sky, that limpid mirror that held nothing new for her.
"There's always an ending," confessed the new sky with a humble smile.

several charms - willows

Checking the Sun's Path</b> (Telgar)
 <b>Cost: 10 motes, 1 willpower
 Duration: Instant
 Type: Simple
 Min Awareness: 3
 Min Essence: 2
 Prereqs: None

The Unconquered Sun travels from one side of the sky to the other every day, moving across the sky of Creation so that his light touches all who dwell below and reminds them of his glory, power and compassion. In his travels, the Sun sees many things. By studying the path he takes through the sky and judging where he spends the most time and where he turns aside, a Sidereal can get an idea of what is going on in the world in a very general sense. In order to properly interprit the wanderings of the Unconquered Sun a Perception + Occult roll is required. One success simply gives a general idea of what direction may be most troubled today, but five successes allows the Sidereal to locate hot-spots of activity such as wars, rebellions, glorious uprisings or blasphemous invasions of the dead or the Fair Folk. These phenomina can only be localized to a directional degree, though large landmarks such as major cities and rivers can be reference points.

Example: Darus the Sidereal attempts to read Sol Invictus's path through the sky to get an idea of where to concentrate his attentions today. Gaining 5 successes on his roll, he is able to tell that there is trouble in the Hundred Kingdoms and that the Dead threaten the Southern Coast while a Fae Horde is moving towards the Far Northwest.



Um. Not to be dense, but what the hell does "Path of the Unconquered Sun" mean?? - Telgar

It means whatever you want it to. The most obvious interpretation would be something relating to virtue/ righteousness. Or it could be something really bizarre like wacky Charms designed by heretical Cult of the Illuminated DBs, designed to emulate the Sun in some way or another. _Ikselam
Cult of the Illuminated DBs? Brilliant! Make it so! - Quendalon
What, would that work like the Immaculate Order DBs? Super kung-fu? ... Hey, maybe instead of the elements, you could have a Style for each Magical Material! ;) ~ Grandmasta
...or, perhaps, Spirit Charms that are commonly learned by Gods who serve the Unconquered Sun in some direct or quasi-direct capacity - szilard
Ya know, if I'd seen that before I posted...ah well. I'd rather cause people to generate some brainsweat. :) - Telgar, wanting some company here in misery land.
That's why you read before you post, silly!!! And now you're creating new Sidereal Charms? Invalid! Bah! - Quendalon

For the record, I was actually thinking of a new Path of Prehuman Mastery for Dragon Kings. Technically not Charms, I know, but similar enough. I'm pretty amused by the number of interesting takes people came up with, though. -- Charlequin

I enjoy causing confusion and anger. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. - Telgar

So, we're brushing aside the rule against adding new Sidereal Charms? - Quendalon

I'm working under the assumption that these are hypothetical, secret, or will be shoehorned in at some point in the future. SiderealCharms are a good writing exercise. - willows
I emailed WW and asked. They promised they wouldn't be angry. Seriously though, if I remember correctly, the Sidereal book says that only the Maidens can create new Charms. If you use these Charms, someone obviously petioned them and they found them useful tools to give to their chosen. That Sidereals never would get new Charms outside the ones in the book is utter silliness. Resplendence
Another consideration is the theoretical Underworld or Malfeas fate Sidereal Charms. The fact is they're going to be rare, and that makes them just a bit more frightening. - haren

Hey, instead of kibitzing, would any of you actually like to write a Charm? - w

I'm better at kibitzing. ^_^;; ~ Grandmasta

So since no one would get their butts in gear and do this, I did. LiOfOrchid has posted a new theme. Woot! - willows

Sorry about that - CharmRelay is the relay I'm generally least interested in, and I didn't feel like wrapping my brain around creating new SiderealCharms. Thanks for completing the sequence, though. I hope you enjoyed working on it! - Quendalon
Meh. I created those three Charms in like ten minutes by mucking with the flavor text of the existing tree. It's not that difficult or time-consuming, for me. - willows

It occurs to me that Sidereal charms just aren't the same without those poems. Should I add those or leave well enough alone? -- TedPro

Please do! - willows
Done! TedPro