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You knew it had to come sooner or later. ;) Seriously though, all those Exalts must spend Essence on completely personal and private activities occassionally, not just saving (or wrecking) the world. What Charms do they employ in bed, in some sunny Wyld glade, in a dark torture chamber or when on official business to the Cerulean Lute of Harmony? I'm thinking one Charm from each kind of Exalted, to get some variation, and Charms that aren't so focused on producing concrete results and benefits. Even Exalts must have fun sometime, right?

Ecstasy of the Sublime Suffering (haren) This is an Abyssal Charm

 Cost: 5 motes
 Duration:  Instant
 Type: Simple
 Minimum Endurance: 3
 Minimum Essence: 2
 Prerequisite Charms: Pain-Eating Focus

With a gentle caress, the lines of pain become softer flows of pleasure. The victim can no longer tell the differance between either. The victim can spend a willpower to change the pain of their wounds into a lasting pleasure, which is still no less incapacitating, but far preferable. If they are unwilling, the Abyssal can spend a willpower instead to force this on a victim, as tendrils of crimson essence burrow into the victim changing the black essence of pain to the firey red of passion. The effects of this charm last for a day, driving people to walk on broken legs to create greater pleasures for themselves. The first Abyssals to evidence use of this charm belonged to the Lover Clad in a Rainment of Tears... learned for her own twisted desires.

Member-Controlling Exercise (Moxiane) - this is a Lunar Charm

 Cost: 2 motes
 Type: Reflexive
 Duration: Instant
 Min. Manipulation: 3
 Min. Essence: 1
 Prereqs: Shaping the Ideal Form

Luna's Chosen can eventually gain complete mastery over every aspect of their bodies, altering their looks or slowing their heart with a mere thought. With this Charm, however, the Lunar can control the behaviour of his (or her) genitalia consciously. As a male the Exalted can cause an instant erection or an unflappable deflation as well as instantly renew themselves after coitus. As a female the character can cause herself to instantly lubricate or to become almost painfully dry. The use of this Charm will also heal any chafing-type injuries caused through heavy use. When used by a currently female Lunar this Charm is more commonly known as the "Pudenda-Manipulation Technique".

Fruitful Progeny Method (TedPro) - this is a Solar Charm

 Cost: 10 motes
 Type: Supplemental
 Duration: Instant
 Min. Medicine: 4
 Min. Essence: 3
 Prereqs: Body Mending Meditation

Used during an act of coitus, this Charm assures fertility. The Exalt can decide the gender of the child produced, as well as a brief description of the child's talents or personality. Control over the fertility and gender is complete - the rest of the control influences normal birth and development. This Charm can also be used to be sure that no fertilization occurs. This Charm can be used by either partner, and overrides any prophyactics, infertility, or lesser magics.

The Road More Travelled (Miedvied) - Sidereal charm

 Cost: 3 motes
 Type:: Simple
 Duration: Until dawn, or until being forcibly vacated from his drinking establishment of choice
 Min. Awareness: 2
 Min. Essence: 1
 Prereqs: None

Once a Sidereal commits essence to this charm, every person she meets instantly causes a requisition for a pattern spider to look up the immediate sexual history of the target. When the character meets a new person, she makes a reflexive Wits + Awareness roll; subtract the successes from the target's essence. The result is how many minutes it takes the Spider to return with the target's sexual history. The Sidereal may choose to pursue whichever sexual conquests he wishes (preferring the virgins or the easy lays is entirely up to the Chosen in question.) This charm only allows the Sidereal to spot frequency of previous sexual encounters; more potent charms (or several drinks) are required to find out the target's particular kinks and/or fetishes. Multiple simultaneous partners appear as a single encounter.

Exquisite Feverish Extasy Method (Resplendence) - TerrestialCharm

 Cost: 5 motes, 1 Willpower
 Type:: Simple
 Duration: One intercourse
 Min. Socialize: 4
 Min. Essence: 3
 Prereqs: Warm-Faced Seduction Style

The Dynast becomes noticeably warmer, almost feverish, when this Charm is activated. Her touch sets nerves alight and fans pleasant tactile sensations into ecstatic eruptions. Sex becomes almost unbearingly pleasant as the subject transcends normal physical limitations and is brought to ecstatic heights that can only be attained with the most expensive drugs. There is a price pay for such enjoyment though – fatigue and pain at best, addiction at worst.

During the sexual act the subject can ignore negative effects from wounds, fatigue, derangements, fear and such. He is at a difficulty equal to the Dynast’s Essence to focusing on anything other than pleasure as well as ending the act prematurely.

If the subject is brought to climax, which can be within minutes for those physically and mentally weak, a number of bashing health levels in inflicted on him equal to the Dynast’s Essence, soakable only by his Stamina. The subject must also succeed on a Willpower roll at a difficulty equal to the Dynast’s Essence rating not to become addicted. An addicted person must succeed on the same roll once every day and once every time an clear opportunity for new ecstasy presents itself. Failure means he will make more ecstasy his primary goal, over personal safety, dig-nity, responsibilities and relationships. Spending a Willpower point returns self control for a moment. A successful roll reduces the difficulty by one. When the difficulty reaches zero, the addiction is over. A new application of this Charm on an already addicted subject automatically restores the roll difficulty.

If the subject successfully resists addiction directly after the sexual act and isn’t already addicted, he regains one Willpower point and can for one day ignore any eventual wound penalties for the wounds inflicted by this Charm.

Beings of higher Essence than the Dynast are immune to the extreme effects of this Charms, and will find it merely pleasant.

Desire of Mind Prana (Clebo) This is a Solar Charm

 Cost: 3 motes
 Duration:  Instant
 Type: Reflexive
 Minimum Presence: 4
 Minimum Essence: 2
 Prerequisite Charms: Harmonious Presence Meditiation

Often in everyday life in Creation, sex is an explosive activity. It could be morally abhorred by others, contagious, and even life-threatening. This occurs because sex is a very special activity associated with various rituals and traditions in almost every culture, civilized or no. In other cases sex is a very emotional activity, but strictly forbidden. This charm copies the emotions from a potential sexual encounter into another activity, such as dancing, hugging, playing cards or simple conversation. In effect, everyone playing hide and seek with someone using this charm will feel as they just had consensual (provided that the hide and seek was consensual) sex with the person. Furthermore, a side-effect of the charm lets the Solar know if any participants of the divine activity truly loves her. In a sense, this is an extreme form of indirect seduction, because having actual sex with the Solar is regarded as a very natural thing to do for any subjects of the charm since they are emotionally ready.


Mine's not porn quality, just the kind of thing the First Age might have to get good heirs, or the kind of thing you could use as emergency prophylactic, I guess. -- TedPro

A suggestion for the next theme: non-lethal handling of multiple opponents. Nothing amazingly creative in and of itself, but I think it has some cool potential. Two charms jump to mind. - Miedvied

What, no tentacle sex Lunar Charm? Really, I'm disappointed. :P Resplendence

I was going to, then remembered that Lunar Charms get increasing specialised. The follow-on to Member-Controlling Exercise should let the Lunar change the shape of his/her... bits, while MCE merely controls behaviour. - Moxiane
I have to admit that one of the first things that came to mind when I saw the wyld mutation for tentacles was something along the lines of, "Well, they did say this was anime... Arafelis

Discussion snipped.

I can see a Fire-DB Performance Charm here, that makes the other party addicted to the DB. I'd write it myself but I don't have books on hand to see where it would fit (no pun intended) or what the rules of addiction are. Off the top of my head, I'd have it as Performance 5, Ess 3, cost 3m, 1wp, roll Manipulation+Performance(dif=Ess), target addicted for number of days = successes, will do whatever required to taste such extasy again, for every day without the pleasure, target suffers a cumulative +1 dif to every task (Max= User's Performance+Ess). Or something like that, anyway. Maybe someone with more time and talent than I could polish and submit this? - Nikink

I was thinking of something similar, but branching off of Irresistible Succubus and haren's thingie above. _Ikselam

I've had an addictive sex Charm in mind for some time now, so here it is. Maybe something Abyssal would've been more interesting, but hey, don't feel like you have to stop this fascinating Charm theme already. Resplendence

I like the desire of mind prana :) In fact, might ask my ST if I can use it.. hehe, but then.. it would take all the fun out of finding out if she loves me.. meh, will probably do it the hard way :) FluffySquirrel

Which reminds me. Does it simulate any of the physical feelings or the euphoria, or just the related emotional mindset? Example of playing a card game: Would the card game be intensely pleasurable in an obviously similar to sex fashion... or would it just be amazingly fun and feel strangely close... or would you just try and both get out very close togeather and then cuddle afterwards?
-- Darloth

FluffySquirrel, I wish you luck in finding out if your ST loves you! Darloth, DoMP does not inflict any physical attachment whatsoever. The feeling is more a like the notion that you have had sex previously. The card game would not be sexually arousing, but the game would have other characteristics that are similar to sex, such as slightly addictive, very emotional (well, in this case it is always emotional), a sense of mental satisfaction and a fragile sense of trust between the "players". -Clebo

Thanks for the clarification. In return, I shall point out that FluffySquirrel's ST does not love him, and is indeed male, being myself. I believe the 'she' he was referring to is a female NPC possessed of less clear emotional standpoint, which has just been muddled considerably by outside forces.
-- Darloth