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Charm Relay

The Thirty-sixth Theme is Chariots

These are Dragonblooded Archery Charms.

Agitated Doves Scattering - willows

2m, Instant, Supplemental
Keywords: Combo-OK
Minima: Archery 3, Essence 1
Prereqs: Spring Follows Winter

The Dragonblood's arrows fly before terrible pursuit. Add the Prince of Earth's Ride to the damage pool of an attack, as long as he is riding or being driven in a chariot.

In the Wake of Emerald - GoldenCat

3m, Instant, Supplemental
Keywords: Combo-OK, Stackable
Minima: Archery 4, Essence 2
Prereqs: Agitated Doves Scattering

Wood is the essence of life. Of pure fragrancies, of petals in the wind, of green saplings that bend so far, never to break. With those principles, the Dragon-Blooded shoots arrows before his chariot... and they sink into the ground, sprouting a path of dew-covered flowers and grass, smoothing his path, impelling his horses foward, scattering a cloud of petals for their majesty! The character throws one arrow on the ground before his chariot, and it adds his Essence in yards to its movement this turn. Furthermore, his enemies receive an external penalty of 1 on their ranged attacks against the chariot this turn, as covered in petals and scattered grass as it becomes. This Charm can only be used when the Dragon-Blooded is riding or being driven in a chariot, and only over earthen ground.

Dalliance Induced by Spring - Ambisinister

6m, +2m for each additional arrow in a flurry, Instant, Supplemental
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
Minima: Archery 4, Essence 3
Prereqs: In the Wake of Emerald

The archery of others is to that of the Ashen Bows as mere pruning is to landscaping. The children of the Wood, and those indoctrinated into their ways, are capable of infusing the very essence of growth, of Spring time and the month of Wood Resplendant into their shafts. Such shafts take root in their targets, rapidly blooming into delicate vines and a kaleidoscopic rainbow of flowers. These flowers give off a scent that is both delicate and heady, not to mention completely intoxicating.

Between the fragrance and the vines which grip with an intimate familiarity, opponents have the lust of battle driven from them and are encouraged to relax and enjoy themselves. If an Emerald Dragon is also a skilled rider, then her heightened understanding of the flows of wood essence enable her to fire arrows which will burst into showers of essence charged seeds that surge out of the soil into slender flexible trees. These trees produce a similar scent to their lesser counterparts and bend and sway to grasp and caress those riding through them.

Targets which recieve at least one level of damage from an attack supplemented by this charm suffer the following detrimental effects: All movement and jumping distances are halved, the speed of all of their actions is increased by two, and they suffer a 2 die internal penalty to all physical and mental actions. These penalties persist for a number of actions equal to the archer's Essence. Being damaged by multiple arrows does not increase the effects, but each arrow past the first increases the duration by one action. Subsequent applications of this charm after the initating flurry have no effect if the charm's duration has not expired.

If the Exalt also possesses Ride of at least 4 and is mounted or riding a chariot, then she may instead fire her arrows into the ground in her wake. This causes young trees to spring forth from the ground into a rough square whose sides are (essence x5) yards long. Each arrow fired in the flurry past the first increases this mulitplier by 1. The growth persists for a number of hours equal to the character's essence and reduces all mounted movement through its borders by 3/4 and all foot movement by 1/2.

Flying Wing Upon Wing - IanPrice

6m1w or 2m to cooperate, Instant, Extra Action
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious, War, Cooperative
Minima: Archery 4, Essence 2
Prereqs: Agitated Doves Scattering

This is a charm for chariot and cavalry commanders, vastly enhancing the barrages of chariot-archer and horse-archer formations. This charm must be used by the unit's commander, though Dragon-Blooded special characters in the unit who know it may cooperate. The unit performs a magical flurry of (the lowest of the commander's Archery, Ride, or War, or the unit's Drill) ranged attacks, +1 for each additional officer using the charm. The unit may move at top speed while launching this barrage. The total DV penalty of this flurry is -2.

Heralded by the Iron-Beaked Charger - Kukla

2m, Instant, Simple
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
Minima: Archery 4, Essence 4
Prereqs: In the Wake of Emerald

With this charm in his possession the charioteer need not fear for lack of steed. To use this charm, the exalt must be riding a chariot and armed with a bow and arrow. He draws an arrow and fires it in to the harness of his chariot. The force of the impact pulls the chariot ahead for the duration of the action (i.e., six ticks) with the strength of a sturdy warhorse.


That is one very odd theme, willows... but it oddly, gave me plenty of imagery.

I also have another Charm, which I may add later... since you can't add two charms at once in a relay!That being...

Wheel-Breaking Thorns - GoldenCat

4m, Instant, supplemental
Keywords: Combo-OK
Minima: Archery 5, Essence 3
Prereqs: In the wake of emerald

Over chariots, battle is pure movement, and the terrain is all. They ride through the trails in the woods, and he who controls the trails, controls the battle. With this Charm, the Emerald Dragon infuses his arrows with verdant essence and shoots them on the ground behind the chariot, where they sink and lie in wait. As soon as an enemy passes over them they rise, a tangled mess of thorns trying to stop him! Those thorns deal the Dynast's Archery in lethal damage, soaked as normal(and soak can reduce this damage to 0) and give a one-die external penalty to the enemy's defenses this turn per arrow he is tangled into. However, if they rise below horses or chariots, the result is even worse, as they try to pull those down! The rider of the horse or chariot must make a Dexterity+Ride roll with an internal penalty equal to the Dragon-Blooded's Essence, plus one per extra arrow they are caught into. On a failure, they are thrown to the ground. On a botch, their horse or chariot suffers the full, accumulated damage from the arrows in Health Levels of lethal damage. This Charm can only be used when the Dragon-Blooded is riding or being driven in a chariot, and only over earthen ground.

Actually I really appreciate this theme - it gives new synergy to two wood abilities that often don't have anything to do with one another, which is always good. I'll try and come up with something later, when I'm not feeling quite so ill.
-- Darloth

Maybe I'm stretching the theme, maybe not. I like the charm and I hope you all do as well.-Ambisinister

I think it's kinda funny that each Charm in this relay is like three times as long as the previous. - willows

Such is the way of the Wood. As time passes, things grow. -A.

Ambisinister.... for the love of god, split that paragraph =_= It's hard to read it like that! ~GoldenCat

Handled it. -w
My formatting can be lacking at times, thanks Willow.-A.
willows, please. I'm lowercase and plural. - willows
Sorry my mistake.-A.
No stress, it's just uh something I like to be a little particular about. -w

Kukla, your Charm, um, makes a character into a horse. Is this what you intended? What is the new theme? - willows

OH CRAP sorry, I've never done this before, I didn't even realize how this worked! Um, new theme is, "Ascetic Mysticism", Solar Charms. - Kukla