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The twenty-first theme is Indecision

These are SiderealCharms. This Relay is based on this concept, that allows for alternate Sidereal Charm cascades, in this case Presence.

Indecision, Gracious Unbinding of Cords - willows

2. Paradox of Inane Inquiry - haren

Cost: 10 motes, 1 Willpower
Duration: Until the question is answered
Type: Simple
Min. Presence: 5
Min. Essence: 3
Prereq. Charms: To Be Determined

This Charm requires a prayer strip marked with the scripture of the Maiden at War. As it's power is invoked , the character sets it under her tounge. It dissolves as she poses a question to another, becoming the threads of fate that imply the utmost importance to it, and red stardust that dyes the question with threats of the most fearsome consequences for a wrong choice. The Sidereal must make a Manipulation + Presence roll (difficulty of the target's Conviction).

Because of the horrible fear caused by this question, the victim can not do anything as invisible wires of starmetal bind their body and mind. Until they gain at least the Sidereal's Essence in new inputs of data around the question, they are unable to answer the question and continued to be paralyzed.

3. Focussed Abulia Method (Moxiane)

 Cost: 7 motes, 1 Willpower
 Type: Simple
 Duration: Indefinite
 Min. Presence: 4
 Min. Essence: 2
 Prerequisites: TBD

As the guides of the Loom of Fate it is the responsibility of the Sidereal Exalted to ensure that events in Creation unfold as they should. Sometimes this can mean ensuring that a decision is made in one way, and other times it can mean that no decision is arrived at. When using the Focussed Abulia Method the Sidereal tugs at the threads of the Loom regarding a single physical location in which a decision must be made and tangles them, rendering the process of choosing almost impossible.

Any mortal entering the locality in question will simply be so affected by this tangling of the Loom that they leave the area by the way they came in, and their memories regarding the location are clouded. The Exalted and other magical beings fare somewhat better, if their Willpower is at least equal to twice the permanent Essence of the Sidereal who enacted the Focussed Abulia Method they are become aware of some force preventing a decision and can spend a point of Willpower to override the effect for their permanent Essence in turns.

Demons, the Fair Folk and other beings considered outside Fate are immune to the effects of this Charm, as are any beings with a permanent Essence greater than that of the character, their anchor into the fabric of Creation able to override its effects.

Brain-Twisting Flurry</b> (5) Telgar

 <b>Cost: 8 motes
 Type: Simple
 Duration: One Turn
 Min. Presence: 5
 Min. Essence: 4
 Prerequisites: Unknown. Pinnacle Relay Charm.

The Sidereal's movements in combat become so confusing and hypnotic that even the most experienced opponents are unsure how to respond to them. The hesitation inflicted by this Charm limits greatly the defensive options avalible to a Sidereal's foe. For the remainder of the turn, the Sidereal's opponents may only use Perfect defenses if they have multiple defensive options avalible to them such as entropic defenses, dodges and parries.

Example: Malic activates Brain-Twisting Flurry and strikes at Birds of Trinity with his Daiklave. Because Birds has the option to dodge with Seven Shadow Evasion or to parry with Dipping Swallow Defense, she is only able to use the Perfect Effect to avoid Malic's attacks.


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