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Charm Relay

To Autochthonia!

Each Charm is from a different character type, and would benefit them in the Great Maker.

Omniscient Inertial Navigational Module</b> This is an Alchemical Charm -- IsawaBrian
 <b>Cost: 8 motes, 1 Willpower
 Installation Cost: 2 motes
 Duration: Indefinite
 Type: Simple
 Minimum Perception: 5
 Minimum Essence: 3
 Prerequisite Charms: Optical Enhancement (Ultraperipheral Awareness and Mass Penetrating-Scan)

The Alchemical who installs this Charm has a small box implanted at the connection between his back and his neck. On the box, a number of gems, crystals, and other translucent orbs are emplaced in a geomantically auspicious arrangement. When peripheral essence is used to fuel this charm, they will light up and blink in patterns; otherwise, they remain quiescent. Wires extend along the character's neck, cheek, and forehead, attached to the optical enhancement lenses.

This Charm has two modes, passive and active. In passive mode, which costs no essence, the Navigational matrix within the charm takes in data from the very Essence of the Alchemical's surroundings, creating a perfect map of everything within a number of yards equal to the Alchemical's Permanent Essence squared. This distance is halved if any portion of the sphere is completely blocked by a solid object, although the Module can "see" around objects if they are not completely blocked off.

The Module does not register most independently motile entities, like automatons, but will register constant features that are in motion, such as the flow of material through various tubes. Inside Autochthon, the Alchemical's attunement to the Great Maker means that any portion of the Maker that he has personally been to will always be mapped correctly. When the Great Maker's internal compartments shift and alter, their Essence will resonate with the Module and change the Alchemical's internal maps. In Creation, the Underworld, and Yu-Shan, these maps are accurate as of the last time they were taken, but do not instantly update changes. This Charm is useless in attempting to map the Wyld and may malfunction (GM's option) in Void-tainted zones of Autochthon.

In active mode, small portions of the lenses over the Alchemical's eyes receive data from the Navigational matrix-box. This does not block the Alchemical's sight by default, except in one corner of the eye where a static map of the area the Alchemical is currently in, centered around a glowing dot representing the Exalt. This map can be expanded over the entire vision of the eye to increase the level of detail shown; it can be zoomed in or out to gain perspective (although detail is lost by doing so); and the Alchemical can "switch" to a different map to plot a course. Using this Charm effectively gives a perfect success for navigation in any area that the Exalt has mapped, so long as the area has not been changed. However, for long distances, the GM may require the Alchemical to stop and consult the maps. If the area has been changed, the GM should roll for the alchemical, adjusting difficulty based on the severity of the disruption. Of course, within Autochthon, the map changes with the Great Maker. Under ordinary circumstances, the map does not display independently moving entities.

The following submodules cost 2 bonus points or 6 experience points:

Friendly Traffic Flow Enhancer: A small beacon and receiver are added to the Navigational matrix. Ordinarily, the Alchemical's display only shows himself. When the beacon is triggered, however, he will broadcast his position to other Alchemicals with active Friendly Traffic Flow Enhancers. The Alchemical may choose whether to broadcast to all units, or only to those that are currently in service to the same city/nation/organization/etc. that the Alchemical is currently attached to. The receiver will work without the beacon. On the Alchemical's map display, other beaconed Alchemicals will appear as tiny glowing dots of a color corresponding to their Material type, with their names appearing at high detail levels.

Map Storage Input/Output: An Alchemical with this submodule can connect his map storage to that of any other Alchemical with this submodule within passive mapping range. The two may then exchange maps as they so desire, with the most recent updates overwriting older maps. The exchange is effectively as swift as talking with the name of any location being the "words" necessary to communicate the map. Maps of Autochthon gained in this manner do not update unless the Alchemical goes to their locations personally.

Directional Waypoint Display: This submodule allows the Alchemical to mentally designate locations (or individuals) on the map as waypoints. Even if they are not on display on the map currently, translucent arrows will appear on the map and in the alchemical's vision in the direction of the selected waypoints. Used properly, this will permit a character to navigate without consulting higher or lower levels of the map interface.

Terrifying Visceral Presence</b> -- This is a Lunar Charm -- OhJames
 <b>Cost: 10 motes, 1 Willpower
 Duration: One scene
 Type: Simple
 Minimum Manipulation: 5
 Minimum Essence: 3
 Prerequisite Charms: Mind-Blanketing Fear Technique

With this charm, the Lunar reshapes her body, emphasizing every biological aspect and function of her form. Her tear ducts fill and flow freely, her skin grows slick with sweat, her hair writhes and pulls itself free of any decorative constraints, and her nails extend to become filthy and ragged. Whatever clothing the character happens to be wearing is soiled in minutes by the unmitigating and uncompromising organics of her hyperactive bodily functions. She becomes an animalistic creature, barely registering as human, and an unpleasant reminder to any civilized people that they, too, are just the same, underneath their makeup and manners.

To civlized residents of Creation, the Lunar's effective Appearance drops by 2 and she subtracts 3 dice from all Social rolls that aren't aimed at intimidation. To intimidation rolls, she instead adds 3 dice. To most barbarians, barring religious taboos or the strictures of chinimage, the penalties are less severe, but the benefits are less dramatic: the Lunar's Appearance only drops by 1 and she subtracts only 2 dice from Social rolls, but only adds 2 dice to intimidation rolls. The effects of this Charm, while in Creation, are marginal; it is only in the sterile, mechanical world of Autochthonia that the Charm's power becomes clear.

To Autochthonian mortals, the Lunar has an effective Appearance rating of 0 and they will not approach unless goaded on by superiors or threatened by the Lunar herself. In addition, the Lunar adds her permanent Essence in automatic successes to all intimidation rolls made against these mortals. The Alchemical Exalted are unaffected by this effect, but they find the Lunar to be incredibly repugnant and will seek to remove her by any means necessary. Against spirits, explicitly not elementals, the Lunar inflicts her Essence in bashing damage (which is only hampered by natural soak) each turn within a radius of (the Lunar's Essence x 2) as the sheer, horrifying, organic nature of her presence fouls their delicate circuits and sensors. The Lunar also adds 2 to the damage of any of her natural attacks against such spirits. Needless to say, all machine spirits will either attack with a vengeance or flee in terror at the approach of such an affront to their nature.

Process-Appropriating Process - willows

Overwhelming Quintuple Catastrophe</b> - a Terrestrial Charm by Telgar
 <b>Cost: 10 motes, 1 Willpower
 Duration: Instant
 Type: Simple
 Minimum Lore: 5
 Minimum Essence: 5
 Prerequisite Charms: Dragon Vortex Attack

Though many Terrestrial Charms are at a disadvantage in Autochthonia, given their need to work with the Essence and elemental material of Creation, there are a few that use this dependence as a source of power. Alien Essence flows work against eachother as those native to Creation know well: the Shadowlands are constant reminders of the dangers that alien Essence poses to the 'natural' flows of Creation. Tapping the elemental nature of his own body and using the power inherant in his bones, blood, breath, emotions and soul the Terrestrial can unleash the fury of the five Creation-based elements against those who are based on others. This Charm only functions against beings not based on the Essence of Creation. Demons, Alchemicals and non-human Autochthonians, Fae and natives of the Underworld are all vulnerable to its effects.

The Creation-Essence created by this Charm will react violently with any opposing flows, causing mutual destruction and disharmony. Any suitable being within the Terrestrial's Essence in yards is subject to the effects of this Charm. Unless they are successful on a Stamina + Resistance roll (difficulty of the Terrestrial's Essence + Breeding), they will take 1A damage for every 4 motes in their Essence pools. Committed Essence is counted for purposes of determining damage. This effect can be parried (treat as an attack with Essence + Breeding successes) but not dodged. Any parry successes lower the difficulty of the resistance roll by 1.

Verdigris Transformation - This is among Ligier's Charms - FourWillowsWeeping
Cost: 15 motes, 1 Willpower
Duration: Instant
Type: Supplemental
Min. Valor: 5
Min. Essence: 7
Prerequisite Charms: UNDEFINED

Nothing brings Ligier more joy than to make the thousand worlds as beautiful and harmonious as the interior of Malfeas, the city of basalt all festooned in brass and ivory.

When he uses this Charm, Ligier's gaze falls upon something, and he inflicts this beauty on what he regards. This is a perfect attack. If the attack succeeds, roll the target's Essence against a difficulty of Ligier's Valor. Objects automatically fail this roll. Upon failure the target transforms into brass, basalt, marble, ivory, or salt, as its nature befits it. This kills living creatures.

Objects made of the Five Magical Materials transformed in this way have two auspicious properties. The first property is that Ligier may automatically invoke the Verdigris Transformation against an object touching them, regardless if he can see either the object or the target. The second property allows these objects to be forged into artifacts of the Demon Realm.


Bah, my book isn't here yet. For some reason, every store here stopped selling WW books or are really slow getting them delivered. But fine, you go ahead with your little Autobot Charms. I'll be over here in the corner, swept in an old blanket, muttering. Resplendence

I think the visceral presence should add at least +1 dice to intimidation against things in creation too... I mean... horrible oozing lunars are kinda scary.
-- Darloth

The Sidereal Charm is a bit unclear. Is it meant to work on anything? Or just machine spirits? And if it's Autochthonian Machine Spirits at all-- they're outside of Fate. How could a Sidereal Charm affect them? -- IsawaBrian

Sidereal Charms can affect things outside of fate, unless it specifies that they cannot. It's only the prayer strip charms that always fail. And Astrology, duh. -- OhJames
And "Loss or gain of temporary Willpower ... Compulsions that affect their behavior ... Transportation from one location to another." (Sidereals, p. 129) This isn't any of those, so it doesn't particularly matter; it's just the reference to removing something from a Fate that autochthonian entities wouldn't have that threw me. -- IsawaBrian
Um. Sidereal charms affect /alot/ of things outsie of fate. See: Deathlord Blocking Battle Pattern, or Demon Blockin batle pattern. Only a few specific effects from their charms work differently, or not at all to creatures outside fate. Also, I get the impression this works on alchemicals, as well as machine spirits. As always, a nifty charm from Willows. - Scrollreader
Those Charms tend to be directly designed to affect creatures outside of Fate, though. Though, this doesn't use any of the three specifically-mentioned effects in the Siddies books for out-of-Fate. It's just the reference to 'removing Essence-woven Machinery from one creature's fate' that threw me off there. After all, Autochthonians don't participate in the Loom of Fate. -- IsawaBrian

Yes. No. You can determine this from the Charms text! That rule makes no sense and is stupid. Use the rules that make sense and are not stupid, and expressed in the Sidereals book, which is the authority on Sidereal Charm effects. - willows
Well, you did say 'Essence-Woven Machinery'. That might have referred to only things like automatons and Alchemicals. Since it does apply to everyone, that's more clear, but I think the cost for outright stealing a Charm should be a little bit higher; considering that the mere redirection of Charms rather than removing them is a Sidereal-Level Martial Arts effect, at least. As for 'rules that make sense'-- Autochthonians are outside of Fate. *shrugs* That's canon. There's no Fate on them to remove a Charm from. Mechanically, though, I suppose Charm-stealing isn't in the list of three things in the Sidereal book that Sidereal Charms affect on beings outside of Fate, so I suppose it works for that- again, though, it 'feels' more like an Essence 5 and higher cost Charm. -- IsawaBrian
Autochthonians do have fate. It's just not Creation's fate. -- OhJames
Do they? (This may be a question that should be moved elsewhere, not sure) I think Pattern Spiders run in Autochthon, but running him (and local physics). They aren't a part of the pattern of the Loom of Fate, that's for sure; there might be something similar, though, in Autochthon's crystalline Godhead? It is said to "resemble" the Loom of Fate-- IsawaBrian
Ah-HAH. There we go. Autochthon has a "Design" in his Crystaline Core that functions to give the Autochthonians fates. Bingo. -- IsawaBrian
It might help to clarify my PoV when I say that I think Charm Redirection Technique is a much more advanced ability than simple Charm theft, because it specifically allows you to prevent a Charm user from using a Charm exactly when he needs it and to redirect an effect generated by his own effort, two things that this does not do. - willows
To each their own on that call, I suppose, though I still think it's somewhat overpowered. I wouldn't even let a new Sidereal Charm into my game anyway, so it's sort of a moot point in the end, I guess. ^_^ -- IsawaBrian

I would suggest that attuned artifacts should probably get an Essence roll with the Essence score of whatever has attuned them to resist Ligier's Gaze... although if you want it more effective, could disallow channeling willpower or virtues for your artifacts' resistance rolls.
-- Darloth