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Hi. o_o

I'm sssssz, except not really. Geez my old crap is like, really crappy. Please pretend they don't exist.

On the wiki, I'm going to try to post my notes on my Postmodern Exalted setting thinger that I've been working on, so pestering other people to read them and comment on them gets much easier. Please comment on them if you find something interesting. But don't criticize anything, because it's impossible for anyone to criticize my creative achievements and therefore any and all criticism must be a lie and I hate liars and I don't want to hear anything from a liar and I know you are not a liar so you should only talk about nice things. :D

Articles on (tentatively titled) Postmodern Exalted

On what Postmodern Exalted tries to be

On history of Postmodern Creation

On the 7+ Exalted Hosts of Postmodern Exalted

On the Cosmic Directions of PME

Oh God what should I do with the Abilities?!?!

Thoughts regarding Giant Magic Robots and Orbital Genocide Dispensers

Scribbles, not that the others are any more unscribbly.

Characters and suchlike

Hantan, a Night caste revolutionary.

Clueless wondering fencer.

Sword Dancer.

Other stuff

An attempt at a challenge.

Crunchy stuff?


But feel free to yell at me below, I'm too lazy to care about myself.