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The twenty-second theme is Named Winds

These are High-Essence TerrestrialCharms. Named winds refers to winds with specific names, such as simoom, bora, chinook, foehn, harmattan, khamsin, peesah, solano, mistrel, bise, tramontane or shaitan. An insanely large number of other named winds may be found here:

Harmattan Darkens Harvest

Howling Tornado Maw Attack (Moxiane)

 Cost: 7 motes, 1 Willpower
 Type: Simple
 Duration: Instant
 Min. Ability: 5
 Min. Essence: 5
 Prerequisites: Razor-Leaf Squall Meditation

The Dragon-blooded are masters of the elements, and as they gain in strength and Essence they learn how to create and even destroy them. The Charm known as the Howling Tornado Maw Attack is one of the more destructive expressions of these lessons.The Exalted charges a throwing weapon with a mote of Air Essence so powerful that it draws all the air around it in, and then hurls this weapon out to its maximum range (i.e.: three times the listed range increment, which may be modified by Charms or other effects as normal).

The weapon draws all of the air in a tunnel with a width equal to the character's permanent Essence in feet along with it for the length of its flight, this creates a massive vortex similar to a tornado only in a line behind the weapon. Every object or character within the Exalted's Essence in yards is pulled in towards this line with a force equal to twice the character's Essence plus his Willpower on the Feats of Strength table in the Exalted core (the character himself is exlcuded and he may also exclude up to his Essence in others from the effect). Anyone actually within this vacuum tunnel must also roll his Stamina + Resistance with a difficulty equal to the character's Essence or suffer that amount in unsoakable levels of Bashing damage, as the weapon draws the air out of the target's very body.

Western Bora Disruption - Telgar

 Cost: 4 motes
 Type: Reflexive
 Duration: Instant
 Min. Thrown: 5
 Min. Essence: 5
 Prerequisites: TBA

Gusting from clear skies when opponents are sure there is nothing to fear, the Western Bora Disruption can only be activated once the Dragon-Blood has used up all actions and is no longer able to activate non-reflexive Charms. Each activation of this Charm grants a full-pool parry attempt of any single attack directed at the Dragon-Blood or her allies within (Essence X 10) yards. This parry must be made with a ranged weapon. A successfully parried attack inflicts a -1 penalty on the attacker as the chilling bora strikes him, this penalty persists for a scene and is cumulative.

Haboob-Invoking Downdraft Dance Pattern

All-Consuming Euroclydon Grip - TedPro

Cost: 3 motes
Duration: Instant
Type: Simple
Min. Brawl: 5
Min. Bureaucracy: 5
Min. Essence: 5
Prereq. Charms: Flow Past Defenses, Benevolent Master's Blessing

Inspired by the cold and merciless winds of the West, the Dragon-Blood becomes a strong, destructive force in battle, exerting influence on anything touched. This Charm is used while maintaining a clinch on an enemy. The Dragon-Blooded uses the body postures of the victim to entrap another target. The Dragon-Blood can grapple a new opponent adjacent to himself or someone he is grappling, while still maintaining a clinch. A single roll is made by the Exalt each turn, both for maintaining any existing clinches and making any new grapple attempts. There is no limit to the number of targets an Exalt can clinch with this Charm, but if he ever spends a turn not using this Charm, all those grappled, except one, are automatically freed. Those affected by the All-Consuming Euroclydon Lock feel a tremendous coldness. This Charm can only be used once per turn.


Aww..come on my theme REALLY that bad? - Telgar

I really dig it, actually. I just need to be home with Dragon-Blooded book before I can write something up. -TedPro

Okay, I'm just going to sort of jump in here, even though I don't know where this would be attached lower in the tree. - willows

Willows, for the Harmattan Charm prereqs, how about Wind Weapons (second to highest Thrown, thrown 5 ess 3) and Moth to the Candle (highest listed presence, presence 4 ess 2)? - TedPro, who finally his his Dragon-Blooded book out

That sounds about right. Will you be gracing us with a theme? - willows

Oh my GOD! All-Consuming Euroclydon Grip is like Katamari Damacy: the Exalted charm! - Sparrowhawk

Ha! I still need to play that game. -TedPro