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Charm Relay

Shadows and Dust

These are AbyssalCharms, dealing with Shadows, in particular.

Dusty Banquet Cantata - by Telgar

Cost: 5+ motes, 1 Willpower
Duration: One Scene
Type: Simple
Min. Socialize: 4
Min. Essence: 3
Prereq. Charms: Unknown

Summoning an echo of ghostly memories and passions, an Abyssal can create elegance and splendor from nothing but dust and silence. Often used when greeting mortals or for impromptu victory celebrations, this Charm creates the perfect party. A phantom orchestra will appear, playing whatever tunes the Abyssal directs with a number of Performance successes equal to the Abyssal's Essence + Socialize. Food with a Resources cost equal to the Abyssal's Essence appears as well, placed upon tables and settings made from shadows. Depending on the type of party desired, other phantoms can be made to appear. Phantom dancers can be summoned for 1 mote per pair, phantom butlers for 1 mote each. None of the dust-phantoms last beyond the Charm's duration. Unless performing their unique duties (dancing, serving, etc), they are considered immaterial. The phantoms can make conversation, but they are rather vapid and nothing they say is ever important.

Smoked Mirror Mantle - by DeathBySurfeit

Cost: 5 motes
Duration: One Scene
Type: Simple
Min. Socialise: 4
Min. Essence: 2
Prereq. Charms: Unknown

Looking into another's eye for a passing moment, the Abyssal looks deep into the darkness within and pulls forth a fond memory. Shadowed by spectral essence for a brief moment, she emerges shrouded in that memory's trappings. The form adopted will be that of a person dear and lost to the subject (though they need not necessarily be dead), exactly as they are remembered. If the Abyssal states an individual ("Ledaal Sirius", "your mother") or type of person ("a family member", "someone lusted after") that fits this description she may adopt their appearance specifically, but otherwise the process is random. If no such individual or type of person exists that is not both dear and lost to the subject, the Charm fails.

The disguise is flawless, although those witnessing the transformation will suspect the work of magic of some kind. The mechanics for the use of this Charm are narrative in scope; characters typically respond very differently if presented with the image of their dead parent or childhood sweetheart.


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