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Charm Relay

Advanced Tattooing Techniques

These are LunarCharms.

Steel Filigree Concentration (Ikselam)

 Cost: None
 Duration: Permanent
 Type: Special
 Minimum Intelligence: 3
 Minimum Essence: 3
 Prerequisite Charms: Form-Fixing Method, Ox-Body Technique

A Lunar's tattoos protect his form from magical transformation; clever Lunar warriors often learn how to use their tattoos to protect themselves against mundane damage, as well. Through meditation and special exercises, the Lunar causes his tattoos to become a web of resilient moonsilver, strong as steel but flexible as silk.

The character adds his Essence to his bashing, lethal, and aggravated soak totals; this counts as natural soak in all forms, and follows the normal rules for Lunar soak. In addition, he gains hardness equal to his Essence versus all forms of damage; this hardness explicitly stacks with any other hardness he may have, and can increase his natural hardness beyond 12.

Silver Calibration Marking - willows

Engraving of Terror and Wonder</i> (Nikink)

 Cost: 12 motes, 1 Willpower
 Duration: Special
 Type: Simple
 Minimum Intelligence: 4
 Minimum Essence: 4
 Prerequisite Charms: Steel Filigree Concentration

Many of the Chosen of Luna's Charms are slow to activate, or short lived in duration. To overcome these short-comings an enterprising No-Moon developed this technique. By spending one hour per (minimum essence plus minimum attribute of the chosen Charm) tattooing her body with the correct forms and images, a Lunar may keep the desired Charm wrapped around her body for as long as she desires. The engraved Charm's cost must be paid for at the time of engraving and remains committed until used. If the Lunar desires the Charm to be constant, then the cost of <i>Engraving of Terror and Wonder is also committed (including the willpower). Once the Lunar drops the commitment costs, the tattoos crumble into dust and flake off. While covered in these terrible engravings the lunar suffers a two dice penalty per Charm to all social roll (except intimidation).

Moon-Chasing Chrysanthemum Pattern</i> (Quendalon)

 Cost: None
 Duration: Permanent
 Type: Special
 Minimum Perception: 3
 Minimum Essence: 3
 Prerequisite Charms: Form-Fixing Method

With this Charm, the Lunar attunes her tattoos to the Essence that flows through the fabric of Creation, allowing her to draw upon that force with greater ease. The character's natural Essence regeneration rates are all doubled. This includes Essence regeneration from relaxation, Manses, Demesnes and Hearthstones. The character may even absorb Essence from a Manse or Demesne she is not attuned to; she regenerates four motes of Essence per level of unattuned Manse or Demesne per hour.

Lighting Essence Infusion - willows


Ok, my first Lunar Charm... whatchyall reckon? Nikink

I'm unclear how this is actually supposed to work. Are you supposed to be able to use the stored Charm whenever you feel like it, at no cost? That seems extreme. _Ikselam
Uh... kinda, I figured 12m, 1wp + (cost of other Charm) committed was fairly prohibitive. If they don't commit the 12m, 1wp, then once the Charm is activated it's gone (note that they still have to commit the cost of the stored Charm until the activation). So really, it's a way to quickly activate a Charm that would otherwise take more time than the Lunar would like. Does that make more sense? And if you still think it's too cheap, what if the commitment was 12m, 2wp? Thanks for the feedback, Nikink
Only motes are committed to Charms, not Willpower. - Quendalon
Yes. But due to the power of this Charm, I figured it was reasonable to have the wp committed as well. But, if that's not sitting well, how about 15m, 1wp (only essence committed)? Thanks for the input. Nikink

The thing I am concerned about is that I am not sure what the Charm actually does. Does it just change the type of the "prepared" Charm to Reflexive? Does it go further and allow you to activate it as a reflexive, non-Charm action? This seems like it could become phenomenally broken, especially with Simple and Extra Action Charms; not even broken in terms of "too powerful," but broken in terms of "what does it mean when I gain the ability to reflexively activate this Simple-type Charm? Do I get to use it as many times per turn as I want? Does it still take up my dice action? Can I use it independent of initiative?" _Ikselam
Hmmm... weeeellllll... alright, I see your point. I see the Charm as allowing the stored charm to be released as a free diceless action. But you're right, that seems a bit broken if they have, say, an Extra-Action on all the time. even with the commitment cost... So, what if I remove the 'always available' option, and state that using the free Charm must conform to Combo rules? Thus you can't freely activate an Extra-Action, then activate another Extra-Action, and any Supplemental must enhance a dice action that turn, etc...? Thanks for your help, Have Fun... Nikink (<i>I told you I wasn;t very good with Charm creation... B-)

Steel Filigree Concentration should probably also allow the user to block lethal damage without a stunt. - Quendalon

Probably, but that would make Steel Paw Technique even more totally worthless than it is now. _Ikselam notes that printed soak Charms don't typically let you parry lethal without a stunt.
Fair enough. Probably not many tattoos on the palms of the hands anyway. :) - Quendalon

Moon-Chasing Chrysanthemum Pattern is very nice idea. Cool B-) Nikink

Can't you already get motes from a demesne without special preparation? _Ikselam
Can you? I'll check that out later; if so, it'll double the Demesne rate just as with everything else. - Quendalon