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Great Curse Detection

Rebecca Borgstrom 03-28-2004 05:30 AM

quote: Originally posted by Kintara\\ Well, when I see that whole thing about the Great Curse, it always makes me curious if the Sidereals are curious about that effect. I wonder if they feel anything different when they hit a Solar protected by the Curse. Probably not, or if they did, they'd just chalk it up to the nature of the Solar essence.

I figure that they know that some Exalts have funky Virtue soak that kicks in sometimes, because they do the technique and the Essence/fate flows don't update right. I don't think they fight enough Solars using VBoS to work out that it's one Virtue in four, and that it lets them carve it down to a certain minimum level, and that this is new as of the Primordials' defeat. But this is a Martial Arts technique, not a direct effect Charm---if you do a throw and it fails because the target's arm can hyperextend, you don't really know whether this is 'cause they're Wyld-tainted, a shapeshifter, a mortal with a weird arm, someone whose ligament just tore, or someone granted immunity to your throw by the infinite cosmic power of the Malfean death curse. I figure it's like that. :)