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rebeccaborgstrom - 11/03/2003 18:12:10


Unlike sutras, the scriptures weren't really written by the Sidereals themselves. Accordingly, if you want a prayer strip for Occult or a non-VBoS celestial martial art---I'd start by petitioning the Maidens. They may or may not have written the scriptures on the loom of fate, but they probably know who did. (I'd guess if it wasn't them, it was a Primordial, which might make this quest get a little complicated.)

As a subtle note, one of the main reasons VBoS has a prayer strip is to open up Celestial Circle Sorcery. In a real sense, that's what prayer strip Charms are *for*---which is interesting, 'cause it's not the Maidens who taught Brigit sorcery. :)



I like to think that the 25 known living Primordials (GoD holds that at least 23 are held in Malfeas, and Gaia and Autochthon are the other two) are the authors of the Scriptures, which are sort of like their signatures. A few seem almost obvious - the Scripture of the One-Handed Maiden predicts that Ebon Dragon will break out of Malfeas, the Maiden in Terror seems an obvious match for Autochthon, and the Savory Maiden is Gaia if I ever saw her.

This hints that Infernal magic is a lot like Sidereal prayer-strip magic, but a whole lot more pissed-off, and probably much, much stranger. - FourWillowsWeeping

I -so- hope my GM doesn't read that. He's too creative as it is.\\ --Darloth

Hm. Then you should really, really hope he doesn't read my Charms at WillowsInfernal (plug plug) because those are essentially built on that assumption. - willows

Luckily, I suspect he has his own version of their powers already pretty-much thought out, but if he does, the inspiration they grant will probably be icky :)\\ Although I have to say, I like your charms, especially the names.\\ --Darloth