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Usurping the Solars

Rebecca Borgstrom 10-24-2003 05:27 AM

> quote:Originally posted by Unregistered 2\\ > Hmmm, I guess that all makes sense when put into context, but I guess I\\ > have to ask the next logical step to that. How could a Sidereal assassin\\ > sneak in and kill a 3000+ year old Solar during the Userpation in the night?

Martial Arts for basic combat survival. Everything else was spirit-binding, sorcery, artifacts, and cheating. They knew their targets very well. They worked out what would get through those defenses in advance. Then they obtained it. If it were easier, then the cleanup phase after the Usurpation would not have taken anywhere near so long.


It Was Difficult

03-28-2004 05:41 AM

quote: Originally posted by Rebecca Borgstrom
I don't think they fight enough Solars using VBoS . . .

Okay, except during the Usurpation, maybe.

But a *lot* of things failed during the Usurpation. I don't think VBoS on the Curse Virtue stood out. :)

SIDEREAL: I use Blinding the Boar.
SOLAR: I use Arrogant Smile of the Unconquered Sun.
SIDEREAL: Can he DO that?
SIDEREAL: Okay, fine, Avoidance Kata.
SOLAR: Hm. The Sidereal isn't here. Confrontation Kata!
SIDEREAL: Wait, I thought I wasn't here!
SOLAR: Now you know better.
SIDEREAL: Conclusion-Pursuing Approach!
SOLAR: I Am The Conclusion Stance.
SIDEREAL: Now you're just making Charms up.
SOLAR: I had spare xp.
SIDEREAL: Where are my Dragon-Blooded? I was *supposed* to have thirty Dragon-Blooded and a fleet of level 5 self-motivated artifact guns, you know.
SOLAR: Would you like to come back later?
SIDEREAL: That's usually what it means when I use Avoidance Kata.
SOLAR: Oh! Sorry.