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As Natural Shapeshifters, Lunars also have quite a protean nature on charms. They are personal things, modified according to their whims. A Lunar may pick a Charm that gives a striking appearance as a peacock's plumage, great butterfly or moth wings, a resplendent mane or stripes. May use a charm that creates a scorpion's tail to simulate a wasp's stinger or even a natural lance. A single Lunar may do all that, changing imagery and style to the moment.

None of a Lunar's Charms may add more dice to the Lunar's pool than the attribute governing his action. In some instances, a different attribute may add to one action, but then the limit of dice added is equal to the governing attribute, not the one being added by Charms.(So if someone with Perception 6 and Dexterity 5 made a Dexterity+Thrown Ranged attack that receives a bonus equal to the Lunar's Perception, only 5 dice would be added.)

Lunars may freely combo all of their attribute-based Charms as if they were part of the same 'ability', with exception for combos that would not make sense(such as an Extra Action that expressely only works with combat actions comboed being comboed with a Social Simple Charm).

Of all the Exalted, Lunars are those that are changed the most. When one becomes a Lunar, one's body becomes protean. The Lunar receives a Tell and a Totem, as his soul and identity change. The Lunar receives Favored Attributes, and no longer favors Abilities. He is a Lunar, not a Human. Never favoring abilities, Lunars always pay 12 Experience Points for Martial Arts Charms. Lunars may assemble combos between Martial Arts and Lunar Charms, but those follow the rules of Ability Charms instead, and thus, Lunars may only combo Reflexive Attribute Charms with their Martial Arts Charms.

Martial Arts are also patterns made for human forms, not animals. Lunars simply cannot use Martial Arts Charms while in their animal forms. When in Hybrid Forms, the Lunar increases the difficulties of all rolls including Martial Arts Charms by 1. They may not normally practice Sidereal Martial Arts, but can manage that apotheosis with some of their Charms.

Eclipse and Moonshadow Caste can learn Lunar Charms as normal, but all Charms that affect the Totem or the Blood Library are useless to them, usually. Also, any Charm that has requires a Shapeshifting Action can only be performed if the Exalted manages to somehow make their bodies protean like those of the Lunar Exalted.


Natural Shapeshifters, all Lunars are considered to be omnidextrious, able to use even their feet as as readily as most use their right hands. They are also able to regenerate severed limbs naturally - to know how long it takes to heal, treat it as simple an aggravated injury, a -0 for an eye or ear, -1 for a hand, and -2 for a whole limb.

Lunars may take the shape of any creature they have tasted the Heart's Blood of. There are no restrictions about its size. In that shape, they receive the natural abilities of the creature - those are usually Mutations applied to the Lunar's base statistics. Attribute bonuses given by those Mutations count as Natural for the purposes of Lunar Charm use but not to learn them or any other use. Human Forms and other humanoid ones do add mutations, but also substitute make the Lunar substitute ger Strength, Dexterity, Stamina and Appearance with the Form's. Some of those may also give Merits, Flaws or social Backgrounds. All add to Form the Shape's cost, known as its Blood Cost.

To Shapeshift into any form, the Lunar must take a Shapeshifting Action. This is like a Simple Action(although Charms may modify this speed), and requires her whole concentration for the turn. However, the Shapeshifting Action is not a Charm Use, and the Lunar may make full use of Charms during this turn, but usually only reflexive Charms, or supplemental charms aiding reflexive actions. Shapeshifting costs 1 mote + the Blood Cost of the creature the Lunar is turning into. It costs the Lunar merely 1 mote to return to his basic human form. Shapeshifting actions are not Charms, even if some are granted by them; Anytime the Lunar takes a Shapeshifting action, it cannot be stopped by any form of Essence-manipulation such as Charm-annulling strikes.

All things carried by the Lunar that are smaller than her own shape fade when she shapeshifts and return when she returns to her normal form.

Different animal forms' stats are seen in The Blood Library. A transformed Lunar is not under the effects of a Charm, as the magic was only used to change his shape - afterwards, the Lunar simply is in that shape. The only hope for one to see anything unusual is to spot his Tell, or with powers that show the animal as a Lunar.

Of course, while some statistics are open, for species that are very close in gameplay terms('Small Dog', 'Fish' and 'Bird', for example) each type must be bought separately - different species of birds and small dogs elicit different reactions from others, after all, and may fit different situations, as noted below.

While wearing a form appropriate to her surroundings, the Lunar receives 2 automatic successes to all Larceny and Stealth rolls. Those act as increased difficulty to spot his Tell. This works for bestial forms as well as human ones - a green-haired individual could be easily mistaken for a Haltan, and a famous socialite can be excused suspicious behavior at a ball.

To acquire a creature's Heart's Blood, the Lunar must drink its blood as it dies. Only one Lunar may benefit of the kill of such a beast, even if more than one takes place in a Hunt. The Lunar may take the shape of any creature, no matter its size or how deeply it has been warped by the Wyld. However, it may not be a being of pure essence, such as Spirits, Raksha, and other such beings. Only creatures of flesh and blood may be emulated this way. This does, however, include Exalted, Behemoths of most types, and stranger creatures of flesh and blood. The Lunar must spend one point of willpower per dot of Essence the being he consumes possesses. He must also spend 1 Experience Point when consuming a being corrupted by the Wyld, an Exalted or other beings of Mystical Ancestry and 10 Experience Points when consuming a Behemoth.

This will emulate the body's capabilities but not essence-based powers, however; Even the body of a Dragon-Blooded yields little more than its Aspect Markings(Without the aid of Charms that allow the Lunar to use those abilities, at least). The Storyteller is the final arbiter of what is a Mutation - but as a rule, things like Sayla's Yasal Body would be a Mutation, and Mokrelus' power over Sorcery would not be. Such powerful Spirit Mutations are usually priced as Abominations, or 6-point mutations.

The Tell

The Tell is the Lunar's foothold in identity. No matter how much he changes, the Tell shall remain. It is the sliver of his soul that still holds to identity even as a mortal tries to emulate the insanity of Luna. The Tell is a very personal thing, always manifesting as a mutation on the individual, or something that comes off him. Sometimes it is an animal trait, such as the tail of a fox, the stripes of a tiger, the ears of a wolf, the eyes of a snake. Sometimes, it is a particular mark or deformity - scars that appear on all forms, extra eyes, backward-bending legs... others still drip poison or blood from their claws.

The Tell is always there, but naturally conceals itself from those that do not know better - those around the Lunar always need to at least try and notice the Tell, unless expenditure of Peripheral Essence has made it obvious for all to see. However, for those who know of it, the Tell is nearly impossible to Miss. And one needs not to see the Tell for himself to know of it - if many inhabitants of an area are warned against a fox-tailed trickster, they will be wary.

Every time one meets a Lunar, make a Wits+Awareness roll at Difficulty 6. Each new Day spent with the Lunar counts as a new meeting, even if those days are not shown - it is not possible to become so familiar with the Lunar as to not notice the Tell in his True Forms. However, when not in any of his True Forms, this difficulty increases by 4, may only be rolled if the person becomes suspicious of the Lunar, and after a person becomes familiar with a person in this form, forming a relationship of any sort, no more such rolls can be made. When a form is specially appropriate to its surroundings, such as local animals and features, the difficulty to spot the Tell increases further 2 points.

Those who are actively looking for shapeshifters receive 1 bonus success in their rolls to spot the Tell. Those increase to 2 if the observer knows of the Tell, and to 4 if the observer has seen it before. Every two full levels of the Totem Background take one from the base difficulty of this roll. It is too great not to be noticed. Once one buys Ascension, this difficulty decreases by 2, but for a whole different reason - to Ascend is to lose yourself in the terrible power of Luna, to create a body out of pure chaos, pure celestial essence. It is a terrible and exalting thing, and a human soul needs a greater foothold in his Identity. Once the difficulty is lowered to 0, the Tell is unmistakable, always.

This may be avoided by charms that increase this difficulty.

Or simply:

  • True Forms need a Wits+Awareness roll against Difficulty 6 to notice the Tell.
  • If the Lunar is in any form but his True Forms, the difficulty increases by 4.
  • If the Lunar is in a form appropriate to his surroundings, the difficulty increases by 2.
  • A person actively looking for Shapeshifters receives 1 bonus success on this roll.
  • A person actively looking who knows of the Tell receives 2 bonus successes.
  • A person actively looking who has seen the Tell before receives 4 bonus successes.
  • Every two full levels of the Totem Background the Lunar possess reduce the difficulty by 1.
  • Purchasing Ascension lowers this Difficulty by 2.
  • The Tell is obvious for all observers when the Lunar reaches the 8+ stage of anima display.

The Truth of Luna

When the Lunar reaches 8+ level of Anima Banner, his Tatoos appear, his Tell becomes unmistakable, and he is locked in his True Forms.

Natural Weapons

Many Lunar Charms reference Natural Weapons. Mutations that grant Claws, Fangs, Tails and other similar implements of violence are Natural Weapons, and many Lunar Charms create those. All actions and attacks involving Natural Weapons are always considered unarmed in relation to Charms.

True Forms

Of all the Shapes the Lunar can change to, some of them are natural to him, as much as his own Human body. Those are the True Forms

All Attribute Bonuses granted by the True Forms counts as Natural for the purposes of Charms

Human Form
The Lunar's normal Human form. It receives no modifiers whatsoever.

Totem Form
The Lunar's Totem says much about his nature, about his personality and disposition. The Totem is an animal with which the Lunar identifies, be it in the sense of what the animal is, or what the animal means to the Lunar(for example, a Lunar might see himself as a 'Lone Wolf', even though wolves are very social animals). This animal has shape and color as fits the Lunar's personality and style, with different colors and gaits, his very own version, a legendary being.

The Lunar may shift into his Totem Form with a Shapeshifting Action, paying a Blood Cost equal to the total of the Totem's Mutations. This does not count as a Charm Action. The Lunar may return to his Human Form by paying 1 mote, taking another Shapeshifting Action.

In the Totem Form, the Lunar is an animal. He may not speak like a human, although he may speak and understand the language of other animals of the same totem as his own. Different Charms may make the Lunar speak like a human when in this Form, or to understand his Totem Animal when in Human Form. The Lunar may use his Charms freely when in Totem Form. Sorcery and Martial Arts may not be used in the Totem Form, with the exception of Animal Styles that fit the Totem. The Totem Cascade has Charms that deal exclusively with enhancing the resilience and strength of the Totem Form.

Hyrbrid Forms
Hybrid Forms are True Forms in which the Lunar joins other traits, and is not fully human, Totem, or something else. Hybrid Forms are among the Lunars most powerful assets. A number of Lunar Charms are Gifts, which are said to be handed by Luna herself to bolster the prowess of her shapeshifters. Gifts can be activated as the Lunar takes the Shapeshifting Action to turn into the Hybrid Form, not counting as a Charm use but part of the Shapeshifting Action, and allow the Lunar to commit a number of motes to have access to the Charm indefinetly, as long as the Lunar remains in the Hybrid Form. The Lunar may not activate more Gifts when shapeshifting into a hybrid form than his Permanent Essence.

Hybrid Forms are sturdier than Human Forms, and as such, they lose no Health Levels when knocked beyond unconscious and when in their Dying Health Levels. They are stable, and heal normally from then on even without medical attention. For this purpose, Lunar Ox-Body gives more Dying Health Levels.

Hybrid Forms add +1 to the difficulty of all their actions when performing Martial Arts Charms.

  • Ascension
    The Ascension Form is the liberation of all the wild, untamed power within the Lunar's Essence. It is an expression of Chaos, of change, of terrible divinity. It is an expression so powerful, however, that buying the Ascension Form lowers one's Tell by 2. This is not cumulative with subsequent purchases of the Lunatic Ascension Charm. To Ascend, the Lunar must be in a position to channel the Virtue the Ascension is linked to, and channel a virtue by using a 1 willpower and taking a Shapeshifting Action.

    The Ascension Form usually takes some characteristics from the Totem, but it is no rule, and the character's communication abilities are the same as if he was in his Human Form. Despite the impressive display of the transformation, the Lunar retains and can still use all his gear while in the Ascension Form.
  • Beastman
    With Divine Beastman Liberation, the Lunar is able to select traits from his Totem, Mutations such as Flying Wings, Enhanced Eyesight and Venom, manifesting them in a form which is part human and part beast. Its appearance varies from something as simple as feline eyes, nails, tail and ears to something as elaborate as becoming a fur-covered wolf-headed-man. To turn into a Beastman, the Lunar must take a Shapeshifting action and spend 1 willpower, choosing all at once the suit of Mutations he will take from the Totem.
    In the Beastman Form, the Lunar is still mostly human, but can comminicate with animals of the same species as his Totem. Argent Regalia and Mastery of the Feral Kin may boost the Lunar's prowess even further when in this Form.
  • Unity
    For Lunars, the bond between them and their animal companion is more than a link between their Essence. For a Lunar, their flesh can become one. In the Unity Form, the Lunar becomes one with his Familiar The Unity Form has traits of both Forms, and may be as anthropomorphic as the Lunar desires. While in this Form, the Lunar may communicate like a human, and also in all ways his Familiar can. Despite the impressive display of the transformation, the Lunar retains and may be able to still use all his gear while in the Ascension Form.



The Totem is one of the most important aspects of a Lunar. In many ways, it shows his personality and outlook in life. As such, this background is one of the most important traits of a Lunar Exalted. The Totem is not any single creature. A Lunar whose Totem is Wolf is not 'a' Wolf, or even 'the' Wolf. He is simply Wolf, and he bears the very ideal spirit of the creature, with characteristics that are one with the Lunar's. When the Lunar ascends to his Celestial Station, as his form becomes protean, he sees the Totem... and becomes one with it, in that moment of apotheosis.

The Lunar ties himself to Creation as he develops a Totem. The Tell flows from it and holds the Lunar's identity together. In that way, the Totem has to be an animal that is tied to one of Gaia's Avatars. A beast native to Creation. Of course, Creation being the place it is, Giant Squids, Wolf Spiders and Horned Snow Hunters are all native animals. The Totem is bought as a Background, which gives a number of Mutation Points every level to distribute between bestial traits. Turning into the Totem Form is a Shapeshifting Action, as described above, and its Blood Cost is equal to the total of its Mutations.

When the Mutations add dice, these dice are not counted as charm dice, and stack atop any and all dice-adders. A totem may blend into the background of a location – even if seen, he will not be truly noticed. In such circumstances, the Lunar receives 2 automatic successes to all Larceny and Stealth rolls. Those act as increased difficulty to spot his Tell.

  • x – Your totem is a small, harmless creature with little prowess or versatility, like a Fish, Horse or Small Dog. You must rely on your own prowess more than anything, with little help from your Totem. Build your Totem Form with no more than 2 Mutation Points
  • 1 – Your Totem is a creature of moderate bulk and some fighting ability, yet small versatility. It can already aid the Lunar in many ways, like a Small Shark, Dog, Cat Viper or Gorilla. Build your Totem Form with no more than 4 Mutation Points
  • 2 – Your Totem is quite a versatile creature with unique abilities, or a simple creature of great prowess, such as a Large Shark, Octopus, War Dog, Whale, or Common Bird. Build your Totem Form with no more than 6 Mutation Points
  • 3 – Your Totem is a powerful creature, certainly both versatile, resourceful, and powerful, such as a Great Cat, Spider, Scorpion or Predatory Bird, and you may rely on it for many great abilities. Build your Totem Form with no more than 8 Mutation Points
  • 4 – Your Totem is a creature of legend. A great predator, or a normal creature of incredible resources, such as a Tyrant Lizard, Poisonous or Giant Spider, and a Cheetah. Its abilities can be of great help even to a Celestial Exalt. Build your Totem Form with no more than 10 Mutation Points.
  • 5 – Your Totem is a mighty creature born of myth. Gryphons, River Dragons and Giant Squids all fall into this category. Build your Totem Form with no more than 12 Mutation Points.

The making of a Totem is to be faithful to the creature, and it is made with just the necessary points, even if it is one short. The base attributes and abilities in the Totem Form are the Lunar's modified by the Totem's Mutations and Charms. The Lunar may freely use any and all Charms in the Totem Form, with exception made for Sorcery and Martial Arts Forms.(Matching Animal Styles may be used at Storyteller's discretion)

Health Levels gained on the Totem Form disappear when the Lunar changes back into another shape, wether they are wounded or not. While the Lunar is on the Totem Form, they heal normally. While the Lunar is not in the Totem Form, they heal after all of the Lunar's normal Health Levels. Shapes always cost the same, and even if you already possess a certain Mutation that is part of the Totem(such as a Winged Beastman that Exalts with a Bird Totem) it has to be paid for once again, as one is paying the cost for the whole shape.

Blood Library

This Background indicates how many creatures the Lunar has drunk the Heart's Blood and taken the shape of. Those shapes are created with a pool of Blood Points, which also dictate its Blood Cost for Shapeshifting, as explained above. For beasts, Blood Points are usually the sum total of its Mutations, as per the Totem Background, but some possess Social Backgrounds the Lunar may use, such as the Reputation or Influence a certain beast may have in a region it has terrorized, or even Allies or Contacts among greater beasts or humans. Backgrounds cost 1 Blood Point per dot.

Buying Human Forms with this background works slightly differently than animal-like creatures that follow the Totem's model. After all, when transforming into a human-like creature, the Lunar simply uses their attributes instead. Those attributes cost 1 Blood Point per dot added to the Form, which starts with 2 on all attributes(Strength, Dexterity, Stamina, and Appearance). Human Forms are made with double the cap - therefore, a Human can be made with 12 Blood Points at level 2, and 20 at level 4. They may have Mutations, within reason. Physical Merits cost 1 Blood Point per Bonus Point cost, and Flaws diminish this value.(logically, Diminished Attributes is not a valid Flaw, although a dot can be taken from one attribute to make it 1 and re-arranged). They may also have Social Backgrounds, but those will require effort on the Lunar's part to mantain, and the Lunar only has to pay the Backgrounds the Form still possesses. The Lunar can switch Attributes his True Human Form has that are higher than the Blood Library Human Form's at any time - it is a reflexive action that costs the Lunar only 1 mote to fine-tune his prowess.

Exaltation is a 'Merit' that costs 3 Blood Points for Dragon-Blooded, and 2 for Celestials Exalted.

This background may seem much stronger than the Totem Background, but those Forms cannot be mantained at the 8-10 range of Anima Banner and they do not possess the Charmset support the Totem has - they are hardly stronger, simply versatile.

  • x – Your Library of Shapes includes only your Totem. Why have you never hunted any other Beast?
  • 1 – You possess a handful of smaller Forms, like Horses, Dogs, Vipers, Monkeys, Fishes, a small Shark at most. You are an occasional hunter, with a small Library of Shapes to choose from. At this level, your Library comprises 20 Blood Points of Shapes no greater than 4 Blood Points individually, chosen from a single Direction. You also get one 6-Point Shape for free - your greatest trophy.
  • 2 – You possess a great catalog of more useful Forms, the sort a hunter needs to be skilled to find. The product of more careful hunts, you have quite a palette of Forms to choose from. At this level, your Library comprises 35 Blood Points of Shapes no greater than 6 Blood Points individually, chosen from a single Direction. You also get one 8-point Shape for free - a creature worth of a Lunar to hunt.
  • 3 – You possess a huge catalog of Shapes, taken certainly from more than one direction! Even the likes of Great Cats are contained on your prowess, showing your mark as a great hunter, one respected even among Lunars. At this level, your Library comprises 50 Blood Points of Shapes no greater than 8 Blood Points individually, chosen from up to two Directions. You also get one 10-point Shape for free - the mark of a great hunter. Most probably, there is a story behind that hunt.
  • 4 – You have traveled far and wide, and even the Lunars of the Silver Pact regard you as a hunter few can match. You have traversed the world to hunt, and your forms include the greatest predators, and you have hunt and killed at least one powerful, unique creature, the likes of which form legend and folklore. At this level, your Library comprises 70 Blood Points of Shapes no greater than 10 Blood Points individually, chosen from any three directions. You also get one 16-point Shape for free - a powerful beast of nature, sorcery or chaos, an exemplar of a species, your most prized kill. At this point, you need not define more than half your Library - you are simply considered to have the creature up to the task.
  • 5 – One of the most skilled hunters out of a class of shapeshifting gods, your Blood Library is so extensive, a great sample of what Creation itself is can be seen within it. You are most certainly regarded and respected for all your knowledge, and few anywhere may rival your trophies of the Hunt. At this level, your Library comprises 90 Blood Points of Shapes no greater than 10 Blood Points individually, chosen from all of Four Directions. You also get one 20-point Shape for free - a monster that was certainly great and unique. A creature you are certainly known and identified with after its death. At this point, you need not define more than half your Library - you are simply considered to have the creature up to the task.

The Directions need to be chosen upon purchase of the Background, of course.

Health Levels gained on those shapes disappear when the Lunar changes back into another shape, wether they are wounded or not. While the Lunar is on the the shape, they heal normally. While the Lunar is not in the shape, they heal after all of the Lunar's normal Health Levels. Shapes always cost the same, and even if you already possess a certain Mutation that is part of the shape(such as a Winged Beastman that takes the shape of a bird) it has to be paid for once again, as one is paying the cost for the whole shape.


Lunars are able to craft Moonsilver almost naturally, and the No Moons create great works, and have done so for centuries. Despite the harsh life in the fringe of the world, this allows the Lunars to hoard a vast wealth of wonders. Those work as below. Lunars may also purchase Fair Folk Graces and Artifacts - see Wielders of Chaos below.

  • x - You have no implements of power. Why?
  • 1 - You have a total of two levels of artifacts, neither of which may exceed Level 1.
  • 2 - You have a total of three levels of artifacts, none of which may exceed Level 2.
  • 3 - You have a total of four levels of artifacts, none of which may exceed Level 3.
  • 4 - You have a total of six levels of artifacts, none of which may exceed Level 4.
  • 5 - You have a total of eight levels of artifacts, none of which may exceed level 5.


Lunar Exalted may buy Artifact Tatoos as a separate background. Those are part of his skin, and may not be stolen or broken, but the motes committed to them are committed forever. Those artifact tatoos are made by Lunar masters, and are both a great asset and a great honor. The Lunar may have more artifacts tatooed on his body at a later date, but none of them may be external weaponry or any stronger than light armor. Tatoo is bought as a normal artifact background, with a single dot in tatoo giving one dot of the Tatoo Artifact.

Wielders of Chaos

Lunars are able to deal with the forces of the Wyld better than most other Exalted - indeed, they are able to wield them themselves. Some say this is because of the Wyld tampering with their Shards. Some say it was before, and that Luna created them able to deal with it, as she herself rules over the flux of the Wyld on Creation, being its Change and keeping it away... whatever the reason, the Lunars have the ability to use the powers of Chaos. Lunars may learn Fair Folk charms, but always learn and purchase them as out-of-Caste(If using the Changing Moon Caste, they count Fair Folk Charms as Favored Charms) and pay an additional surcharge of 5 experience to learn, and 5 motes to use.

  • Lunars need Graces to use most of those Charms, which they usually do not have, but can have them forged by Fair Folk or other Lunars - bought at character creation, each Grace is an Artifact *, giving 2 Gossamer with it, and the option to purchase Raksha Charms of that Grace. The Grace starts at 1, but by adding * to the Artifact the Lunar may raise its level by 1, or make it a Feeding Grace. After character Creation, it is increased with the same cost as Minor Graces are for Raksha.
  • Lunars may buy artifacts forged from Graces - Glamour Sorcery, Behemoths, Wyld Artifacts and Adjurations - normally. Adjurations and Mutation-only Charms are counted as natural magic for shapechanging reasons.

Connection Charms

Lunars have many Charms which can be activated in tandem with a single trigger, without counting as a Charm use.