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Hey there! Thanks for checking out my little page, it isn't much to look at right now, but I'm just getting started, y'know? Besides, it gives me something to do while bored at work. So yeah, have a look around, leave comments if ya wanna...

Other People's Pages that Rock

  • aaaaaaaand while I'm making shameless plugs for user pages created by Those That I Game With Every Week, go have a look at Scytheus. The links are blank right now, but trust me, this guy is brilliant. I look forward to what happens there...if my character survives.
  • ok, I just found TheNexusProject, and I've fallen in love. One of my favorite cities in Creation, all wiki-ed out.
  • BrilliantRain has a buncha nifty stuff in his notepad, including a currency system for Nexus that I'm really into, go give it a look. You know you want to.
  • Tiffa has really cool characters and nifty backstories for them. I even stole an idea or two ;o)
  • Buji actually has a Disney city. It's a small Creation after all ^_^. Seriously, go look at this guy's stuff.

Favorite Alter Egos, and other NPCs

The Empire Reborn

Be Warned...
The characters posted below have a slightly different background than the norm. Our chronicle began 10 years after the Empresses' disappearance, and the characters have aged a bit over 160 years since then. We envisioned a Realm that was tearing itself apart with civil war, and very few safe havens remaining. Things change from minute to minute, houses rise and fall with every breath, and the Threshold struggles to keep up with news. So, that being said, enjoy!

Jade Lotus: Matriarch of House Jade
Jade Tipul: He Who Must Be Obeyed
Jade Mina: Eldest Daughter, Wood Exalted Sorcerer of some note

House Takal
T'Kal: One bad mother...(shut yo' mouth!)
T'Kal Kashu: The boy who would be king...if he can stay out of trouble long enough. Dawn Caste Exalted, Admiral of the League States Navy

General PC/NPC Coolness

These guys are just as interesting, but not part of the above chronicle. ST Note: Don't worry, I'll note the NPCs you aren't supposed to be reading (you know who you are)

  • Kukuri - Purveryor of exotic/illicit goods
  • Lupin - We won't even speak his name too loudly just yet, he's that much of a SPOILER ;o)
  • Iselsi Dahur - Secret Aaaaagent Man... a new Water DB for an anathema slayer campaign I just got into. VERY small group, so he was lovingly crafted with 215 Bonus Points. Say cheese... ;o)

Artifacts and other trinkets

Sending The Radiant Word - An artifact desk set. Seriously. ;o) Collectively known as "Sending The Radiant Word", it consists of a Book, a Pen, and an Inkwell. ATTENTION: this is a SPOILER</b> for all those interested...

Links to stuff I did

Other bit's and Widgets

Confluence of Terrible Understanding


Welcome to the Wiki Nymph you're a great addition and i'm not just saying that cause we live in the same house.lmao - Issaru

The Wiki Nymph.. sounds like a cool character :) FluffySquirrel

Hey Nymph. While posting your stuff, look around here and get an idea for how we keep everything arranged. Generally, anything that isn't a major project with multiple writers or something else that needs super-attention, it goes on a subpage. Like DreamingNymph/JadeLotus. That also makes it easier to navigate to and back from. - Telgar

Nice page it's actually looking a lot better than mine. Kudos nymph. - Issaru

thank yew, thank yew...*takes a bow*

Aah! Thief! :O ... ok, no, seriously, you consider my character's stories to be nifty enough to steal a couple of things? Cool ^^ ... out of curiosity, just what is it that you took? O_o - Tiffa

I stole nothing!!! I plead the 5th!!! ;o) I just swiped some of the ideas for the god-touched Dragon Bloods, I especially liked the Air Exalt/music god's child. She may be popping up in an upcoming campaign. The Demon Fruit was nifty too.... Dreaming Nymph
Glad you liked Meladi ^_^ And the Devil Fruit is fully ripped off from One Piece, actually ;p - Tiffa

I'm glad you're liking TheNexusProject thus far, but it needs more people. More contributors equals more fun - Nexus can hold anything and everything! - Moxiane