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Scytheus: Well, I think first order of business should be just what the heck are we going to name our campaign anyway. We've put it off for a while, but I kinda feel a little hole in my being when I have to leave the "Campaign" field of my character sheet blank. Hmm... Perhaps: Rediscovery of the Messiahs. Or: Intrigues and Truths. I'll slap some more ideas down as I think them up.

Well if you want the truth I was kinda hoping that this would be the name of the campaign <Confluence of Terrible Understanding>. I kinda think it fits. What do you guys think?? - Issaru Hoping he can get his story finished before it's his turn to run!!

it sounds...kinda grim. i haven't come up with anything better tho. but when i do, trust me, you guys will know first...besides, my brain is fried. god shave the helpdesk - Dreaming Nymph

Sooooooooooooo... What name are we going with here guys??? I mean i would rather discuss something other than the campaign name.;P - Issaru Thinks it's time for a new topic!!

Scytheus: Okay, I guess. Let's go with "Confluence of Terrible Understanding". What new topic did you, in mind, have Issaru? (A little paraphrased quote from "A Clockwork Orange")

Well for one lazers. You know how I feel about lazers, can't have a good game without them! <Idiot rant now over..continuing..> Well I thought we needed a story metaplaot, but you provided one last game/story <Great I dea BTW>. I also wanted to know what we're gonna do with the Realm? We've kinda just left if <the Realm> there as a looming threat in the background. I also want to know what secondary plots from cannon that you guys want to involve in the game?
Also I would like to say you ran a great story arc Scytheus. - Issaru

Woo Hoo for Faedoom lances! Uh, quick question, who's running Saturday? Were you gonna do that thing in the West, or am I doing my bit? Lemme know. Oh yeah, Merry Xmas, y'all. ;o) - DN

Scytheus: I'll do my thing in the West. I didn't know we were gaming on Saturday. Seeing as it was New Year's Day and all. I mean, I'm cool with it, I thought you guys weren't up for it. But again, I was gonna do the Western adventure and it then I would pass the torch. We could have the collection of the Faedoom Lances as a longer theme between the three of us. Once they are collected, they would point the way to the Orichalcum Stance. From there, I would say the Final Battle would be about ready to set up. If no one minds, I'd like to handle it. I have something incredibly epic in mind (almost Lord of the Rings - like).

NP - I'd prefer if you handled the last battle anyway- It was your idea. Oh, and about New Years...hmmm I'll get back to you about it. I think Nymph was just trying to see how long she had to procrastinate.;p - Issaru

PS: I think i'm going to do a final cut on the "Children" so make sure you have all your thoughts on them down.

Procrastinate? me? never..... - DN

Hey y', anyway, can i get downtimes for you guys before we play again? Trying to roll all of the stuff into a coherant game... you know how it is. you know how to find me if you need me... - DN

I'm out of the Game folks! Thanx for the great time, but I have to leave due to personal reasons. Take Care guys! - Issaru