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Stumbling Introduction 2.0!

I'm an a-typical nerd-boy from Seattle, Washington who got into Exalted mainly cause of online friends. I�m a part time pet-care specialist (aka dog-walker, but the other one makes me feel more important). In my free time, I ramble about nothing in particular to online friends and occasionally hammer something somewhat interesting out of the results.

Bits of Fluff

Crunchy Stuff

  • Alchemy : New formulas!
  • The Amiliki : Highly trained mortal agents of the Gold Faction.
  • The Empyrean : Divine servants of a child-like Primordial. A very slow moving attempt to bring angels into Exalted.
  • Laboratory : A background that covers the mortal version of a manse. Potentially useful to the Exalted, too! ... maybe.
  • Rituals : Greater workings of mortal magic.



  • Abyssal Performance : Abyssal in more ways than one. Less than successful attempt to make Abyssal bard Charms.



Martial Arts Styles

  • Black Rose Style : A martial arts style designed to go with the Amiliki. A style intended to produce the perfect disposable assassin.
  • Clay Soldier Style : Another martial arts style designed to go with the Amiliki. Inspired by the government soldiers in House of Flying Daggers and Frank Miller's comic book 300.
  • Elephant Style : Because no one else had seemed to make one, oddly.
  • Four Monarchs Style - Underworld style for Ghost-Knights emulating the Dual Monarchy that allows certain Charms to be connected without Combos.
  • Jade Rabbit Style : A style inspired by the myths and fairytales of rabbits, along with a liberal splash of Jackie Chan.
  • Monochrome Diamond Style - Underworld style that adapts prayer and worship into a weapon.
  • Nine-Tailed Fox Style : An attempt at a martial arts style with a strong kitsune bent.
  • Starlight Road Style : Walking between and under the stars.
  • Whispering Meadow Style : A samurai-ish style centered around the secret language of flowers.


Game Ideas


  • King Deshane Batief: Care-free king of a pointlessly wealthy western nation.
  • Er-Lang: Brash, proud, but utlimately heroic son of a Celestial Lion.
  • Gin : Sensual, manipulative Lunar concubine.
  • Jack of Hearts: Young priestess straight out of a harem anime.
  • Rika Sanjuro: Lady of the Blade Misra, Rika of the Divine Bow, Ash Spear Rika, ect... very famous and very retired God-blooded swordswoman.
  • Seventh Moon: Infamous Lunar punk from the Boil.

Cool Things

  • Thaumaturgy Charms: Easily one of my favorite of the Crunch Relays done. Exalted Charms for Mortal Thaumaturgy.
  • Thus_Spake_Zaraborgstrom: Writer quotes for R. Sean Borgstrom, one of my favorite and most amusing of the Exalted writers.
  • Quotes of Goodness: More quotes, but these mostly from the players. Extremely amusing. ^^
  • VarazesMortalMartialArts: More mortal-y goodness. Varaze's take on mortal-level martial arts styles. Beautiful in their elegant simplicity.


DarkheartOne - DH, also Shelby, has in just the one game we've been in together proven to be a wonderful raksha player (<3 Days!) and a generally awesome person. Self-proclaimed Raksha-Boy, though Rin might fight him for the title one day.

DarkSirenSally - The (in)famous Dark Siren! Kazuki's better-half. A terrific and thoughtful writer who really just needs a bit more confidence (Pep-up, Mieu! For ever lasting peace!).

GoldenCat - Colapso, Delwyn, Daniel... whatever he wants to be called this week, he remains one of the most creative and passionate people I know. ^^

JDuel100 - The Unconquered-J Exalted me a while ago, thus it is only proper that I put a link to my patron god. ^^ J is an extremely entertaining person to be around with a mind for wacky and just plain fun characters.

Kraken - The skwid! Kraken is an excellent role-player and an extrmely patient and helpful person to ask advice on matters from.

Kazuki - Someone I met through Daniel whom I haven't had much chance to talk to so far, but who has been fun and entertaining those time we have spoken. A very creative person who seems to be a master of playing 'dark protectors,' if his performance in Dance of Angels as Alexsei is any example.

Morrigu - Extremely nice and endlessly fun crazy-person who I met through #Tower. Artistically multitalented in an unfair way and hugely creative. Look upon her art work and despair that she's probably better than you! ^^

Raccoon - Also known apparently as 'Slade,' but I don't know that name. ... STAY OUT OF MY TRASH!

Seiraryu - Sei! Or Manu, whatever he wants to be called. Creative beyond my meager abilities, with a user page absolutely filled with rad from top to bottom. Go Sei!

Selina - A tres-cool lady, who finally has a page up to be linked to (*Pokes Sel!*). Sel is extremely talented in seemingly everything she does and a great deal of fun to be around. Her avatar, the Dark Angel, is one of the most well developed and thought out characters I've ever known. >_>

SlipNine - Yet another of those people I barely know despite being in a game with, but wouldn't mind knowing better. Rin is a master of chaos in all it's beautiful, terriable forms.

Cool Strangers

FourWillowsWeeping - Who makes some of the best martial arts styles in this place. Consistantly amazing in that area.

Ikselam - Whose hearthstones I've repeatedly swiped.


Welcome! Enjoy your stay, Grey :-) I'm taking your ideas in a bit of a different direction, myself. -Xeriar

Thanks for the welcome, Xeriar. ^_^ I'm interested to see what you'd do with 'um. - Greymane

*does a little dance* ^_^ Welcome to the wiki and stuff. - Kraken

I enjoy the Amiliki! Want to check out the rest of your stuff. I have some MMA stuff I'm starting to put up, you might want to check it out if you are running games with mortals of this level of power - Jimcrimson