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Name: Gin
Alias: None
Concept: Sexy Kitsune
Caste: Waxing Moon
Totem: Spirit Fox
Nature: Follower
Languages: River Speak, Old Realm
Merits: Enchanting Feature (Sensual Allure), Heirloom (Warfans)
Flaws: Unusual Appearance, Favor, Enemy

Appearance: She floats through the world without ever touching the ground. Unhurried. Unworried. Languid in her grace. At ease. Elegance in every twist of her wrist and every motion of her finger. Confidence and self-surety radiate from her every pour, a spiritual bliss known only to the wise and the foolish. Even pale as her soft skin is, she glows like the sun. Golden. Glorious. Picturesque in her feminine beauty. Full hipped and full breasted, carried on long and shapely legs, displaying all with subtle come-hither sways that promise nothing but invite you to admire just the same. Subdued. Professional. High, stiff fox ears sprout from expertly styled hair. Fur snowy white and blond hair so pale it nearly matches. Long lashed and full lipped. Lips that can smile and put you at ease or fill you with suspicion or make your knees quake. Her face sly and tranquil at once, delicate and feminine. Like a replacement for the whiskers known to her sire, a trio of pale stripes run across each cheek under vividly green eyes that can be wide and doe-like, hooded and heated, or soft and serene as they please. Expressive, passionate, but controlled. Nine white tails sprout from a single stock at the base of her spine, swirling and braiding themselves deftly together to appear as one.

Gin wears the clothing of the East, when not clad in the elaborate costume of her place as a Companion. Kimonos, hakamas, haoris; fashionable ensembles selected with care to occasion and what those around her wear. She wears wooden sandals and white ankle socks known as habi, lifting onto her toes when she wishes to be noticed and settling onto the low wooden soles when she desires to fade into the background. Her clothing is often loose, left flow robe-like around her or hug to her in sensual display at the slightest deliberate motion. Fine silks and soft cottons, patterned with golden threads. Pale foxes, blue flames, and winter scenes swirl around her body. But her colors can run as hot as they do cold and spread across every spectrum in between.

Gin's Expanded Information


Appearance 5
Stamina 4
Wits 4

Dexterity 5
Intelligence 3
Manipulation 5

Charisma 2
Perception 3
Strength 2


Athletics 1
Awareness 3
Bureaucracy 4
Endurance 1
Lore 2
Dodge 3
Martial Arts 4
Medicine 1
Occult 2
Performance 3
Presence 2
Resistance 2
Socialize 3
Stealth 1
Survival 2
Thrown 1


Totem 3: Spirit Fox
Allies 1: Tattered Fawn
Artifacts 5/1: Perfected Kata Bracers (4), Sais (4), True Moon Rune (1)
Followers 1: Attendants
Resources 3: Pampered Priestess


Defensive: Bowing Reed Technique
Defensive: Pack-Saving Method
Defensive: Feline Guard Technique
Defensive: Den-Mother Method
Defensive: Dancing Winds Instinct
Perception: Ever-Wary Yellow-Fox Technique
Physical Enhancement: Shining Essence Peacock
Physical Enhancement: Silver Soul's Appearance
Physical Enhancement: Silver Soul's Dexterity
Physical Enhancement: Silver Soul's Perception
Physical Enhancement: Perception of the Moon-Kissed
Social Grace: Pleasing Shape Method

Martial Arts

Nine-Tailed Fox Style
Nine-Tailed Fox: Laughing Spirits Light
Nine-Tailed Fox: Thousand Shadowed Smile
Nine-Tailed Fox: Riding the Autumn Wind
Nine-Tailed Fox: Nine-Tailed Fox Form


Silver-Fox Slide: Laughing Spirits Light, Thousand Shadowed Smile, Silver Soul's Dexterity, Ride the Autumn Wind, Bowing Reed Technique

Fox Guards the Hen House: Den-Mother Technique, Pack-Saving Method, Feline Guard Technique


Compassion 3
Conviction 3
Temperance 3
Valor 3

Willpower: 6
Essence: 4
Personal Essence Pool: 16 (Essence + Willpower x2)
Peripheral Essence Pool: 48 (Essence x 4 + Willpower x 2 + Highest Virtue x 4 + 8 Shining Essence Peacock)
Commitment: 14
Total Personal Essence Pool: 16
Total Peripheral Essence Pool: 34

Health Levels: -0, -1, -1, -2, -2, -4, Incap
Soak: 2L/4B (+4L/+4B Perfected Kata Bracers)
Init: +9
Dodge Pool: 12


Sais: Sais: Spd 10, Acc 14, Dmg 6L, Def 15, Rate 4 *
Warfans: Spd 10, Acc 13, Dam 2L, Def 12, Rate 4

  • Damage is Piercing. Ignores all Hardness. Ignores 2 additional points of soak per level of anima displayed by Gin. Disarming always Difficulty 2, even when making a Thrown attack. 2 motes reflexively to disarm enemy when they make a failed attack. 4 motes to 'plant' sais.


Awarded: 100
Spent: 55

New Combo: Fox Guards the Hen House (Den-Mother Technique, Pack-Saving Method, Feline Guard Technique) 6exp
Improve Combo: Silver-Fox Slide (Ride the Autumn Wind, Bowing Reed Technique) 4exp
Defensive: Dancing Winds Instinct 10exp
Physical Enhancement: Shining Essence Peacock 10exp
Social Grace: Pleasing Shape Method 10exp
Bureaucracy +4 15exp