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The Titans

Not much to this so far, just a idea I had. It posits that the Primordials were actually the second rulers of Creation, not the first. That they were the sons and daughters of older, even broader and more alien beings - the Titans. Gaia, in this concept, is also a Titan. So is Yu-Shan, the Games of Divinity, the Underworld, and the Sky Dome above Creation are actually two separate Titans. Like every ruler of Creation, they were thrown down. All saving Gaia, who has a known propensity for survival.

Uranus, the Heavens

Who would set forth first from the depths of twisting nether? Brave Uranus. Mighty Uranus. Uranus, who cast himself over all. Shield of Empyrean, guardian over the works of others. Proud Uranus. Arrogant Uranus, who declared himself emperor above all others and demanded from them all tribute. Gaia he demanded the most from however, she who had invented the art of animal coupling. He would come down to Gaia to take her. Ungentle, Uranus ravaged her, upheaving all that she had created that day. Angered by this, Gaia sired for him nothing but beasts and monsters and hideous giants. Uranus grew angry at Gaia and so began to mate with others – Nyx and Hemera and Eros. Between them, they begat new Primordials. Uranus was pleased with this and called upon his new children to create in his image. Yet, his children could not be controlled. Turning upon their father, they castrated Uranus and sealed him in a coffin of gold. They built a city upon his body and peeled open a single hole that his eye could look through. Over it though, they build a dome of jade and taunted the imprisoned Primordial by devising games of sexuality and unparalleled enjoyment he would never be able to join in on.

Erebus, Lord of the Lost

Sad, gray Erebus. Lonely Erebus, who no one would love, not even his brother Eros. King of Tears, he always stood a step apart from the others. Hiding bellow them, he took those things that the other Primordials had finished playing with, bringing them to his bosom. For them, he crafted of his own flesh a world that resembled the one they had been thrown out of – a gray and shadowy rendition. Yet, the cost for dwelling upon him was high. Those who had already lost their flesh surrenders much of their passions to him, letting him taste all those emotions he had never known. Poor Erebus was eventually forgotten by almost all. Even when the younger Primordials began to fall upon his lap, they paid little attention to his presence. So little, they tore a hole through poor Erebus and dug out his gray heart, casting it aside that they could nestle in the cold darkness where his heart had laid.

Nyx, Lady of the Night and Hemera, Lady of the Day

Once they shared the sky together, the world set in a perpetually changing state of darkness and light as they rolled back and forth in their love making. Their incestuous relationship displeased Uranus however, who desired both for himself as he grew angry at Gaia for giving birth to naught but monsters. So the lord of Heaven began to summon them to him each in turn, calling the next only when he had finished with the first. The two then met only in passing, as they came and went from Uranus's champers, moments spent in either the red passion of dawn or the sad reflection of twilight. It was they who encouraged their children to revolt against Uranus, yet they too found themselves to suffer at the hands of their ungrateful offspring. From each sister, they cut out one eye and crafted them into pretty little spheres with minds and wills of their own, which they gleefully made the sisters wear around their throats. When Nyx dared protest, they pierced her with a million needles, leaving a million holes upon her. The sisters were then tied together and placed upon a spit, turned over and over endlessly by a great wheel. When Hemera faced downward, it was bright and no hint of darkness hung over those bellow her. When the wheel turned to Nyx, darkness swept over the world, but one could still faintly see Hemera's light shinning through the holes in her body.

Eros, Lord of Love

Though Gaia created the act of animal coupling, it was Eros who decided the act should be pleasurable. Eros was a force of passion, erotic love, and creative urges. Others crafted far more of Creation than Eros, yet Eros was the one who made them _beautiful_. Dissatisfied that his works would go unappreciated however, Eros gifted many creatures with higher awareness that they could sing the praise for his work and infused in them the mad desire to spread this beauty more. He was once Uranus's lover, yet grew bored with the others attentions and so arranged to turn Uranus's lusts upon Gaia instead. For these, she never forgave Eros, not even after the Primordials had trapped Uranus and rid her of him. At her call, the young divinities set upon Eros. They chained him and locked him away within a cup of jade, where in they made sport of him. Turned his creativity towards mere idle entertainments they could engage in, now that they ruled above all others. Resentful, and well, at this vast indignity – to be the jester and clown for unfilial brats – Eros did as they asked so well, that their eyes could scarcely turn away from him. It was so that they little noticed as their own children turned covetous eyes upon them and were thus blind to the dagger that stood poised over their backs.