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Hi, just starting, and (lame as it is) I have never edited a wiki before, so I'm trying a few things out 1st, then I will add some new content!


Jimcrimson/2e house rules for combat more combat modifiers

Mortal Martial Arts

Jimcrimson/2e mortal martial arts I know I shouldn't, but I love MMA! this includes:

Five_Stones_Style - "take 10 punches to deliver 1" The_Style_of_Six_and_Twelve "you do the hitting and you won't get hit."


Family an interesting background for DB's that logically should be extended to include these changes.

Dragon Kings

Jimcrimson/DKpaths they are too limited, this may help.

Jimcrimson/DKareProblemPC here are some ideas about how to fix them.

Jimcrimson/DKmentaldefense a charm that lets Dragon kings use there paths to protect them from mental influence.

Jimcrimson/DKpathproblem The path of celestial air has a step that probably can not exist!