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The idea here is to make martial arts that ordnary mortals can use, something considerably less powerful than Exalted Martial Arts, but common enough that Mortal characters could go about obtaining it without much trouble. These arts are not meant to put Mortals in a position to combat the Exalted, just to give them some more flavor and variation in their use of Martial Arts.

A few notes on these Martial Arts:

1) Mortal Martial Arts do not use Essence. Instead, they rely on Willpower, "techniques," or passive bonuses.

2) There are two new sorts of charms for Mortal Martial Arts. Techniques are effects that, with a difficulty raise or a second skill check, allow the martial artist to get a bonus or do something he/she would not normally be able to do. Bonuses are simple passive bonuses—once you learn the charm, it is always in effect (much like Ox-Body Technique, but not for wound levels).

3) Mortal Martial Arts do not have a "form" charm. The sum total of the Techniques and Bonuses essentially comprise the "form" of the Martial Art.

So, Mortal Martial Arts aren't Martial Arts, in the Exalted sense, at all. They're primarily there because I thought that it would give Martial Arts and Brawl a different feel for mortals, and get them in on the fun of Martial Arts with styles that represented fairly normal human Martial Arts capacity.



Peanut Gallery

Well... I'm surprised that you're going to make a new lower tier then terresterial circle given that heroic mortals can learn that circle. But I'll be interested in seeing your results nonetheless.
~ Haku

Dragon-Blooded can learn Celestial Circle Martial Arts... does that mean they shouldn't invent Terrestrial Circle styles? In an analogy to Sorcery, a 'Mortal' level makes sense, much as Mortal Sorcerors can use Thaumaturgy. - nikink

I suppose it's true... it's just that you can get alot of spiffy effects with a terresterial style when you're a mortal. Of course with a mortal tier, you're not going to get slaughtered by J Random Exalted Martial Artist for daring to get your lil mortal grubby hands on a terresterial style... ^_-
~ Haku

Plus, they're ideal for adding a little flavour to Random Ninja...DeathBySurfeit

I rather like this concept and these styles as well. I notice you didn't list any bonus points or experience costs though. How would you actually price them to learn? And would Exalts or other supernatural beings learn them any cheaper or easier than mortals? - Greymane