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Ok, this is set aside for thinker in case he ever wants to use it. ^_^


ThinkerCharms - inserted in for him.

Celestial Level Martial Arts:

Sidereal Level Martial Arts:

Spirit Charms: (seeThinker/Anhelios)


  • Inner Soul Awakening
  • Shield of the Unconquered Sun
  • Adamant Soul, Orchiculcum Body
  • Eternal Eye of the Unconquered Sun


Thinker/Anhelios, Demon of the Third Circle, The Herald of The Sea that Marched Against Flame Thinker/Nypion, Demon of the Second Circle, The Reflective Soul of Anhelios, The Sorcerers Arm.


Maybe the Elder styles should be seperate? They're not quite Celestial styles; more like a cross between Celestial and Sidereal. -Fifth