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If ye wish to cross the Bridge of Death... Well, it's out for repairs, take the bus. >_>

Welcome to my little slice of the wiki! This page will eventually hold lists of ideas, items and anything else I come up with for Exalted.

I am currently a (rather novice) player in Darloth's campaign, and I'm still learning a lot about the game, but I'll get there! ^_^


Under Construction! Watch for falling darklaives! O.o




  • Darloth - Friend and GM of teh kitteh :)
  • Trithne - One of my fellow players, with a nice, organized page.
  • FluffySquirrel - Also a fellow player! Charms, styles, & artifacts. Whee! :D
  • Areku - Another fellow player. (I'm sensing a pattern here >.>;)


OpenRPG! - OpenRPG is a wonderful program for hosting and playing Exalted and other games like it! ^_^

Nowhere else to go but down.. >.> *looks down at the next line* It's scurry. *nod*


Welcome to the Wiki. I figure it's neighborly to say hi, and direct you to BestPractices just in case you haven't seen it already. - IanPrice

Thanks for the (surprisingly quick o.O) welcome ^_^ - KittenyKat

I was bored, and happened to be checking RecentChanges at the time. >.> - IanPrice, not a creepy stalker.
Hehehe ^_^ - KittenyKat

Don't believe IanPrice. He is a creepy stalker, really. See you at the game tomorrow. - Trithne

*huggles the kitty and gives a neverending ball of yarn* ^^ FluffySquirrel

Hehe, thanks Fluffy ^_^ *hugs back* - KittenyKat