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Seal of Divinity

 Level: 5? NA?
 What is it? Room sized artifact used to enhance a mortal.
 Commitment: 10m

Deep in the catacombs a massive door lies locked and barred. Within, lit by it's own fiery traceries, is the Seal. Writ upon a 50' circle of White Jade, a great Orichalcum sunburst glows fiercly bright. Twinkling between it's radiating lines twentyfive Starmetal Hearthstone Settings sit. Within the very center a silvery disc of Moonsilver awaits the supplicant.

Any Mortal so bold as to enter the chamber must make a Valor roll at standard difficulty to stand in the center of this blazing sigil of power.

Before attuning to and utilizing this Artifact certain procedures must be followed. First an augury must be cast and the Hearthstones placed in their Settings in the correct order. This is represented by a single Intelligence + Occult roll of difficulty 5, that need not be made by the Supplicant. The Hearthstones required correspond to the Abilities of the Supplicant. For every dot the supplicant possesses in an Ability a Hearthstone of the same Rating must be socketed into one of the Settings. This does mean that some Settings may remain empty. If further limits are required it may be declared that the Hearthstones must match the Elemental Aspect of the corresponding Ability, using E:tDB as a guide. Simple failure indicates that no progress can be made and a roll must be attempted in one month, a botch indicates an unseen and fatal miscalculation.

After the stones have been placed the Supplicant is brought forth. Any Mortal so bold as to enter the chamber must make a Valor roll at standard difficulty to stand in the center of this blazing sigil of power, and Mortal the Supplicant must be. This Artifact has no effect on an Exalt of any type or power whatsoever.

Upon standing upon the Moonsilver disc, the Mortal must make a reflexive Essence roll at standard difficulty. Failure brings death, irrevocable. Upon success the Supplicant may then proceed to the true challenges that await.

  • The first challenge is that of actually attuning to such a complex and powerful device. This is represented by a Wits + Lore Roll with a Difficulty of 3.
  • The second challenge is withstanding the first rush of Essence and Power that surges down the eight radiating lines towards the center. This is a reflexive Stamina + Resistance Roll with a Difficulty of 4.
  • The final and most difficult challenge is holding to oneself in the rush of heady Essence. This is a Simple Willpower Roll with a difficulty of 5.

If, for any reason, the Settings have not been correctly filled, the Mortal is unable to channel Essence and attune the Artifact, or the Mortal fails a roll, the consequence is annihilation. The body is unmade, the Hun sent to Oblivion and the Po destroyed by brilliant Solar Essence.

The rewards however...

Any Mortal surviving this process, which takes an hour to complete, from attuning to final challenge, gains something of a divine nature. The character is considered roughly equal to a God Blooded with an Inheritance of 4. Twenty Bonus Points are spent in this fashion:

  • Longevity (2pts, E:PG p.65)
  • God-Body (10pts, E:Pg p.65)
  • Magical Attunement (4pts, E:PG p.66)
  • Awakened Essence (5pts, E:PG p66)
  • Destiny 3 (3pts, E:PG p.25-26).

For those of you without patience or the players guide, here is what that means.

Longevity adds 50 + (Essence x 10) years to the lifespan of the character. After this allotment roll Stamina + Endurance at a cummulative difficulty of 1 per 5 additional years. Failure leads to death.

God-Body at 10pts brings with it these benefits: Soak Lethal with half Stamina, stop bleeding with a reflexive Stamina roll at difficulty 1, resist poison, disease, and infection as an Exalt, and heal at the same rate of an Exalt, including the repairing of broken bones and such. This basically makes them an Exalt for the purposes of Soak, Health, Disease et cetera.

Awakened Essence and Magical Attunement supplants the Mortal's prior Essence Awareness, Magical Attunement, Essence Mastery, Manse Attunement, and Essence Recovery. It replaces any and all of these the Mortal had. In it's stead it grants them a pool of Essence which equals (Essence x 5) + (Willpower x 2) + (sum of Virtues). It also allows the attuning to and utilizing of Artifacts, Manse, and Hearthstones. It deos not give them 5MM bonuses however. Essence recovery is as standard Exalt rate.

Destiny of 3 gives a fair amount of Script Immunity. It at least indicates a signifigant NPC worthy of Heroic Mortal stats and all that goes with such. Further it is the bare minimum that a Celestial Shard will attach itself to, which means that Exaltation is now possible, albeit only to Solar or Lunar.


Stolen from Amber, and gleefully so. ~ SolVachel