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Womb of Gaia

 Level: 5?
 What is it? A hut sized jade orchid.
 Commitment: 10m

A massive flower bulb composed of Jade petals. Set at the base are 5 Hearthstone Settings, one for each Element. This Artifact was created to enhance Terrestrial Bloodlines, and draws upon massive amounts of Elemental Essence to do so. This Artifact grants an increase to the Breeding Background. For every Month spent within the cucoon of Jade that forms the flowers heart the Dragonblooded gains an additional point of Breeding. If a Half-Caste Dragon-Touched spends a Year and a Day within the bulb then they get an immediate retest for Exaltation, with a +3 Bonus, exactly as if they had been the subject of an Endowment Charm to increase Essence. This last effect occurs even if they have an Essence lower than 3.


Just an idea we've been kicking around. Highly unsure as to the level of power. ~ SolVachel