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User Pages of Abyssal Names

Examples of Unnecessarily Flowery Abyssal Names

  • Most Uncourteous Majordomo of the Broken Household
  • Resplendent Servant of Dust and Ash
  • The Boy with the Seven Word Name
  • Wind That Shreds Ashen Petals
  • The Bride Spattered with the Blood of the Damned
  • Forsaken Princess in Hateful Alabaster
  • Artisan of Blood in Seven Shades
  • He Who Sows Fear and Reaps Despair
  • Soul Who Cries Crimson For the Yet to Fall
  • Ivory-Mantled Exemplar In Its Inevitable Procession
  • Surgeon In Manners Excellent And Profane
  • Wistful Dream Shrouded In Velvet
  • Fallaciloquent Extirpator of Integrity

Examples of Names that go beyond Flowery

  • The Forlorn and Mournful Lover who cried a Thousand Ivory Tears in a Night Driven by Passionate Sorrow under a Sky of Moonless Ebony in Lamentation of the Untimely Passing of their Love and Desire to the Shroud of Death and Eternity.
  • The Relentless Wielder of The Scythe With Faith in The Spreading Shadows, Who Has Cracked The Temple Of The Sun To Nothing And Bound Its Stones To Build His Tomb Banded With Straps Of Iron And Surmounted With The Bones of The Honoured Dead

Examples of... ?

  • Brilliant Example of Dreary Dullness
  • Reward for Return
  • Gory Killing Machine of no Other Purpose
  • The Song that Never Ends
  • The Song that Does Nothing But End
  • The End that Watched Everyone Else Singing and Felt Morose
  • The Servant with the Long and Rambling Name that Will Never Be Remembered Because Not Even the Deathlords Are That Masochistic
  • The Extra Deathnight
  • Red Shirt Over a Dead Man
  • Boredom Given Shape
  • Exquisite Flavor that Turns to Ashes when the Ingredient List is Read
  • The Bony Tart with Thin Lips and Hair like a Used Mop After It Has Dried
  • The Lover of Bony Tarts with Thin Lips and Hair like a Used Mop After It Has Dried
  • Lapdog of a Thousand Kicks
  • Imitative Intimations of Moody Ennui by Spoiled Children
  • Bright and Cheerful Service to Our Wonderful Mistress
  • Most Efficacious Minister of Gratuitous Mascara and Bauhaus-Listening
  • My Pal Foot-Foot
  • I Came On My Own And I Left On My Own And I Went Home And I Cried And I Wanted To Die
  • Favoured Darling of the Maiden Mistress of Blood Tears Falling as Rain from Black Skies
  • I Hate Myself and Want to Dye My Hair Black
  • He Who Listens to Nine Inch Nails in Dark Corners
  • He Who Listens to Nine Inch Nails in Bright Courtyards and Gets Spanked By the Resonance Fairy
  • Teaser of Poofy Robert Smith Hair
  • Azrael Abyss (Todd)
  • Stalker Clad in Raiment of Shadows
  • Mourning Warrior Clad in Gloom
  • Emo of the Mallpunk Gloomcookies
  • Sister Of Mercy
  • Loved By None, Hated By All, Guess He'll Go Eat Worms
  • He Who Listens To The Song That Does Nothing But End Over And Over While Lamenting His Lost Love
  • Wrist Stapled To Forehead
  • He of the Bad Poetry and Poor Hygene
  • Black Tape For a Blue Deathknight
  • He Who Argues That Trent Sold Out, But Still Listens to Pretty Hate Machine When He Thinks Nobody Is Looking
  • Hair Of The Dog That Turned
  • Child of The Follower of Some Soft Black Stars Over London
  • He Who Tears Love Apart
  • Overseer of Whiney Scene Politics
  • He Who Is Ashamed Of All The Inside Jokes And Is Now Looking Into Another Subculture, Maybe Rivethead or Punk
  • Andrew Eldritch
  • Relinquisher Of All Enthusiasm Save In Staggeringly Ostentatious Names
  • She Who Never Got A Pony
  • He Who Looked Upon The Pit And Gobbed Over The Edge
  • Accursed Drinker Of The Last Bit Of Milk
  • Martyr To The Persecution Complex
  • He Or She Who Dresses Androgynously
  • Kicker Of Wibbly Eyed Puppies
  • Yet Another Individual
  • Shepherd Of The Hounds That Poop On The Lawn Of The Sun
  • One Who Cried Out To Deaf Ears That ITS NOT FAIR
  • First Against The Wall When The Revolution Came
  • Dyed Hair in the Annihilation Soup
  • The Limper Who Stepped on their Own
  • Walker in Malls
  • Did I Get the Mascara on Right? What? Oh, Sh......
  • Owner of No Clothing What Isn't Black and/or Torn
  • Shopper in Thrift Stores
  • Foresworn Eater of Calamari
  • Rider of Unfortunate Fads
  • S/He of Questionable Taste
  • Shibuya Girl of Horrific Tanning (Okay, so it's a little outside of setting, but it is a pretty scary image...)
  • Shameless Editor of Hopeless Text
  • Deathknightier Than Thou
  • Shuffling Dancer Clad In Superfluous Buckles and Zippers
  • He Who Stares at the Floor
  • Depressio McMopeypants
  • Three Little Nightingales on My Doorstep
  • Small Uncaring Balls of the Porcupine
  • The Gothest Ninja Ever
  • The Little Abyssal That Could
  • The Primary Bad Guy's Minion That Kills People In A Distinctive Way Which Will Ironically Become His Own Manner Of Death
  • He Who Hides Blood and Bones Beneath His Skin
  • Tears for Fears
  • Milk-Curdling Scream
  • I'll Be Here, Gathering Resonance, ALONE
  • The One Whose Mother Never Read to Her at Night
  • My Seneschal Over My Space
  • Leads a Horticulture But Can't Make Her Think
  • Pushing This Boulder
  • The Knight Formerly Known as *******
  • The Total Eclipse of the Heart
  • Annoyance at the Apparent Wholesale Copying of Fan-Created Material to a Company Site Without Reference to the Original Source

Only Slightly Pretentious Names

  • Malachite of the Cenotaph
  • Impregnable General of the Undefeated Void
  • Cold of the Unholy Sepulcher
  • He Who Eats in the Blasphemous Manse
  • The Insane Heir in the Annihilation
  • Despicable Lies
  • Red Blasphemy
  • Shadowed Lady with Locks of Diamond
  • Vermillion Dutchess of Fire
  • Bloodstained Nothingness
  • Dark Queen in Mysteries
  • Eyes of Orahalcium Who Sleeps in the Infernal Pavillion
  • Daughter of Panic
  • Diadem of Night
  • Loss Of Everything Known
  • He Who Made the Grave
  • Mace of the Bloodstained Sepulcher
  • Black Philosopher in Insanity
  • Shaded Right Hand of the Silver Prince
  • Ashes of the Ivory Forge
  • She who is Lost and Should Not Be Found
  • Lady of Mazes
  • Ripped from the Womb
  • Servant Bound by Chains of Malice
  • Inescapable Corpse Wisdom
  • Ruin Of All Things Good
  • Seven Centuries Of Blight
  • King Of Desecration Robed In Blood
  • Prince Whose Steps Shatter Glass
  • Princess Whose Rage Blackens The Skies
  • Queen Of Shadows In Carmine Finery
  • Jack of Bones
  • Jackal In The Ashes
  • Brute Who Breaks Nations On His Knee
  • Somber President of the Nation Of Crematoriums
  • Quiet Flight
  • Twister Of The Hundred Hateful Arms
  • Dweller In The Iron Belltower
  • Widow Of The Dragon Of Four Seasons
  • Destroyer Resplendent In Black and Gold
  • Juggernaut Gilded In Chains Of Spirit
  • Sorrowful Carnation Singing Entropy's Praises
  • Freedom Through Restraint
  • Defiler Of The Radiant Dream
  • Slayer Of The Lone Survivor
  • One Hundred Dead Worlds
  • Flaming Head Of The Monkey
  • Bard Of Unwelcomed Mornings
  • Avenger Of Births
  • Light In Mourning Colors
  • Opener Of Gates From Within
  • Seal On The Hateful Warrant
  • Armoured In Contempt
  • Saint Of Impermanence
  • Worm Grown Fat On Corpsemeat
  • Wrath Of The Forgotten
  • Omnilateral Hatred
  • Sweet Failure To Endure
  • Befouler Of Sweet Waters
  • Idolater Of Entrails


I just couldn't help myself... ^^ -Suzume

Hehehe. Those are funny. Thanks
-- Darloth

Thse are pretty funny. It makes me want to write a fake Nesus project entry....
The new band playing at Malfeas:
And now, playing their hit single, Imitative Intimations of Moody Ennui, it's The Song that Never Ends, The Song that Does Nothing But End, and The End that Watched Everyone Else Singing and Felt Morose! Yes it's Spoiled Children!


The sad thing is that I ended up using "Resplendant Servant of Dust and Ash" for an NPC Midnight Caste due to inspiration betraying me at the wrong moment. Fit remarkably well, too.
~~ WeepingStar

I Came On My Own And I Left On My Own And I Went Home And I Cried And I Wanted To Die nearly made me laugh myself to death, but I think technically it should be "I Came And I Stood On My Own And I Left On My Own And I Went Home And I Cried And I Wanted To Die". I also added a couple of my brother's. - Panache

Added a Semi-Serious deathknight title section, and transported my list of death knight names over to here along with a few more humorous ones ~ BrigandRansom , Who's still chuckling over "My Pal Foot-Foot"

Added a few, mainly jokes off of various Goth bands (Bauhaus, I'm looking at j00). I think I'll come back to this, because it tickles me to no end. Also, Panache is right. The line is "so you go, and you stand on your own / and you leave on your own / and you go home, and you cry / and you want to die." Still, nice reference. - Bassist159 who's ashamed he knows that and is now thinking of becomming a Rivethead, after he adds that to the list.

Wait... I made that name and I've never heard that song. I just made it up. Ba-whuuuuuh? -- OhJames
"How Soon is Now", by the Smiths. - Bassist159.

Whee, making these is fun. Will I ever be able to think of Abyssals seriously again? ...DeathBySurfeit, who doesn't really think so

Turns out I can. Added a few from my Western campaign...DeathBySurfeit, corrected

If you ever do make me play in that Abyssal game, I'm seriously thinking about Bright and Cheerful Service to our Wonderful Mistress.
-- Darloth

Added some from my game soon to be run. The Servant Bound by Chains of Malice looks nastier than any other abby I've seen. - trithne

I'm baaack! ^__^ Enjoy (I hope...) a few new silly names. -Suzume

I thought of this name while at work, of all places. If anyone's managed to make anything longer, go for it ^__^. - Trithne

I particularly like the Shaggs and Current 93 references. Kickass! And for a long name, hows about "The Relentless Wielder of The Scythe With Faith in The Spreading Shadows, Who Has Cracked The Temple Of The Sun To Nothing And Bound Its Stones To Build His Tomb Banded With Straps Of Iron And Surmounted With The Bones of The Honoured Dead"? -TheHoverpope

Curse you Hoverpope! (Put it up there with mine just so they weren't lonely. - Trithne

The Extra Deathknight made me laugh far too much. ~ Seiraryu

Added a few silly ones, mostly making fun of myself. - WeepingStar

These are beautiful. That is all. --MUrielw

Shuffling Dancer Clad In Superfluous Buckles And Zippers may be the greatest Abyssal name ever created. -Ben-San

Thanks, I think it's the best one I came up with. ~ WeepingStar