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I think we all know names are the hardest part of character generation.

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You know...with going with words like you have there isn't any reason that they couldn't be either sex. -BogMod

Fine, Bog. I expect your next male character to be called Blossom. ;) Seriously though, the division into sexes is very rough. Many names fit well for the other sex too. Resplendence
How about "Feral Blossom"? Very masculine name, that.  :) - Quendalon
it's like you've never seen yojimbo. thirty mulberry blossoms is a perfectly acceptable 'sword name' for a male wandering warrior -gfeagfsa
Fallen Blossom could go either way too. -BogMod
Just like the sexuality of the character, hm? ;) Resplendence
This is Exalted isn't it? Got to be omnisexual.  ;) -BogMod
The beauty of everything having a spirit is that you can have sex with it and not be too wierd. Do I smell a new Flaw, perhaps? Resplendence
What? Normal Sexuality Flaw? 2 point social flaw?  :P -BogMod
"Normal"?! Uh... -Suzume

I've got a male character named "Fallen Water Blossom"... nothing wrong with that. - Ashande

Reordered the word names in theme groups instead by sex, which turned out to be very arbitrary. Resplendence

Ahh, very good. Will add some of my own, when y'all stop updating the page every fifteen seconds. - Quendalon

Someone doesn't know the alphabet... :P Resplendence

How evil must parents be to name their kid Lamp? Or Herring? ^_^; But really, it's all good. Keep'em coming. Resplendence

Actually, one of my friends has an NPC (although I admit he's a minor spirit of paperwork, rather than something that started out mortal) named Red Smelt. -[[Suzume]

Names for Mortals? What about names for mortals? Maybe its just me, but most of these kinds of names feel a little bit more like Abyssal titles or names that are given because of one's deeds or behavior or chosen by the Exalted himself because it sounds cool. To me these don't feel like the kind of names that ordinary mortals give their children... Maybe I'm wrong. But if I'm not, as a storyteller, what I need is a good way to quickly name the fishmonger in the town square of East Bumfuck in the River Province.  :) Any advice there? --Krendal

Sods Finn, mayhaps? ^_^ -Suzume

Well, we don't know all that much about naming conventions outside the Realm. In the Realm, those are the kinds of names you'd give regular (i.e. non-Dynastic) people. Examples from the Dragon-Blooded book are Time Rain, Starfall Dust, Sage Lake, Orchid Sand, etc. Otherwise, I'd find a good naming site, pick a region or theme and choose your names from there. Kate Monk's Onomastikon (link below) is excellent. - Kalisara

Also, many 'normal' names in many languages English, Japanese and Chinese (my main three sources for plundering), actually mean things like High Mountain or Exquisitely Blossoming Rose and so giving them a normal name doesnt actually change things beyond that it seems normal... - Kraken

There was a discussion on about this. Chinese and Japanese names are sometimes chosen for how pretty they are in kanji, but quite often they mean something. My 'English' name can mean (Prince, Sword, Victory, Beacon atop a Hill) of/by/whatever (Youth, Stamina, Brook) depending on when and where you translate if from. Victory Beacon atop a Hill by the Bubbling Brook is worse than some Deathlords :-) --Xeriar
<Doesn't feel so bad that her name means Small Island Cherry Blossom.> ^^; -Suzume

No offense Suzume, but it seems to me you've simply listed a bunch of arbitrary words that are unfit for names in most realistic circumstances. What kind of character would be named Shiitake Aardvark anyway? Maybe you could trim a few of your more out-there suggestions? Resplendence

None taken. ^_^ And these are ALL arbitrary words, after all. How many people do you know in your day-to-day life named, for example, Harmonious Jade? Or Bearer of the Book of Coming Forth by Night? As for what kind of character would be named Shiitake Aardvark, I can think of a few ways to make that into a character, most of them involving borrowing shamelessly from the Japanese Kyogen or American Vaudeville traditions. In other words, he, or better yet, she, would be comic relief. That or a very rapidly created corpse. ^_^
I admit that words like Shiitake and Matsutake are a touch hard to use, but that doesn't mean that they are impossible to use.
Also, since it comes as a challenge, ^_^ I'll make a character named Shiitake Aardvark, and link her here when she's done. -Suzume
I wouldn't say they're all arbitrary. Most embody characteristics or concepts that are flattering descriptions or hopeful predictions. You name your kid Harmonious Jade because it embodies her nature and your wishes for her. Aardvark Shiitake, however, is silly at best and mean at worst. Personally, I prefer comedy in Exalted to come from naturally funny situations, not constructed silliness, but that's just me. This is just a list, but for me the signal-to-noise ratio is quite low now with most of the new additins. However, some of your names are very inspired. I guess I'll make my own trimmed version of it. Resplendence
Thank you and you're welcome. Prune away to your nordic heart's content. ^_^ -Suzume
Come on, you know Aardvark Shiitake would be bullied in school and turn Abyssal, and his Deathlord would silently thank the Malfeans for that whole thing about giving up your mortal name.
I won't be so rude as to trim this list. That would not only be disrespectful of you but to the whole Wiki idea. Resplendence
"I guess I'll make my own trimmed version of it." I meant for your own, after all. /.\ And she might not become and Abyssal, but she might have to suffer with being called a man constantly. ^_^ -Suzume
Yes, that would be tough, but she can always go to her cousin Evil Soy for comfort. Resplendence
Unless she was seeing Evil Soy's wife, Tyrant Lizard Lust behind his back... ^_^ -Suzume
She wouldn't give up her first lover, the dashing and ruggedly handsome Soaring Ass. Resplendence
Except that he had already tossed her over for the pretty milk boy, Serpent Ebb... ^_^ -Suzume
What's with all the homosexuals? Leave some action for us heterosexuals. Quick, before Gopher Counterpoint starts hitting on me again! Resplendence
Hmmm... Gopher Counterpoint sounds like a damn good name for a firewand user. Just picture it, out in the desert of the South lies a small, unknown town. It's people are oppressed by the local bandit lord and the town is slowly dying under their heavy rule. All seems lost until a mysterious stranger enters from the desert, appearing like a mirage. Some musical whistling rises and... Enter Clint Eastwood as Gopher Counterpoint!. ^_^ Actually, it could just as well be the name of the town... - BasilTM
Wow, Resplendence! Now you've got a whole town hitting on you! ^_^ -Suzume
With my luck I bet they're all desert yokels. Oh well, it can't be worse than the time Gold Shower was after me. But her sister, Vigorous Mouth, now there's a woman. Resplendence
Hey... if anyone actually MAKES this lot into a collection of characters/circle, it would be hilariously funny. Maybe I'll help...
-- Darloth
'Kay, but I call dibs on Shiitake Aardvark and Tyrant Lizard Lust. ^_^ -Suzume (Also, please link any you make here, in my index.)
Thanks to Exalted, my girlfriend has begun referring to me as Foolish Optimism of the Ten Scented Fish. I love my girlfriend and I love the game... and I'm not sure which to forgive. - Seraph, or Ten Fish, for short.
Awww, how sweet. And also geeky. Will you counter with a nickname for her? Resplendence
That's the solution! Now I can forgive both the girl and the game. -Seraph

Some friends and I had a thought, there's a God for everything in the Exalted Universe right? What about "The Most Resplendent Diety of Ostentatious Nomenclature"? With how promenent his domain is he's got to be pretty powerful - Malikai

lol. He is probably the only god that actually likes the Deathlords and Abyssals....

Added a new abyssal name to the List of Exessive Floweriness. Care to guess what movie I saw recently?

Some time ago, I built an Exalted name generator for use with Omnihedron. Someone might find some words worth harvesting for this list within it. Wordman

I've also built a name generator which uses a lot of these words. They're hopefully ones more in keeping with the setting than some of these but it still occassionally spits out names like Ashen Ashes Ash (which I got a minute ago)! - Voidstate
It should be mentioned that my Omnihedron generator pulled (and expanded) source data from Voidstate's, which is why he is credited in my xml file. - Wordman

There really are just some names that shouldn't be given. The name Hidden Obolisk, for example, could do odd things to the mind of some poor kid who actually knows what one is.......